Book Review: Empire Beneath the Ice by Stephen Quayle


I have a wee confession to make. It may surprise my readers a little. Maybe not. I’m not exactly your typical granny.

I’m addicted to Stephen Quayle’s books. For the past six months or so I’ve been devouring them. And this is the latest of a bunch I’ll be reviewing for you. It’s his most recent and I read all 520 pages in two sittings. Long sittings, but two sittings. Empire Beneath the Ice: How the Nazis Won World War II was that riveting.

Berlin, Reichstagssitzung, Rede Adolf Hitler

Hitler, announcing the declaration of war against the United States to the Reichstag, on 11 December 1941. Source: Wikipedia; Bundesarchiv, Bild 183-1987-0703-507 / unbekannt / CC-BY-SA 3.0 [CC BY-SA 3.0 de (], via Wikimedia Commons

Stephen Quayle writes Christian nonfiction books about the supernatural realm. His books on giants and fallen angels are a much-needed answer to the world’s Ancient Alien theorists. Besides perusing his books for research for my own books, I believe books such as his provide a much needed commentary for Christians living in an X-Files culture. (Which is another reason for the project I’m researching.) As I’ve written before, there are far too many paranormal books on the market for kids, teens and adults today, and not enough Christian ones to explain the dangers of dabbling in the supernatural. 

Hitler practicing speaking poses for the camera. Source: Wikipedia; By Bundesarchiv, Bild 102-10460 / Hoffmann, Heinrich / CC-BY-SA 3.0, CC BY-SA 3.0 de,

Hitler practicing speaking poses for the camera. Source: Wikipedia; By Bundesarchiv, Bild 102-10460 / Hoffmann, Heinrich / CC-BY-SA 3.0, CC BY-SA 3.0 de,

If you’re already familiar with Nazi lore, I don’t know how enthralling this book would be. But for me, a beginner, I learned quite a bit. I had no idea there were so many conspiracies surrounding the Nazis and Hitler. I didn’t even know there was a conspiracy regarding their survival and continued influence on world politics today.

Is Hitler dead? Will his clone be the antichrist? Source: Wikipedia; By US Army - Stars and Stripes, the official US Army magazine., Public Domain

Is Hitler dead? Will his clone be the antichrist? Source: Wikipedia; By US Army – Stars and Stripes, the official US Army magazine., Public Domain

Reading this book, many things began to make more sense. Roswell. UFO sightings. The crazy policies made by politicians. Even the reasons behind Kennedy’s assassination became clearer.

I’m so happy to have stumbled upon Stephen Quayle’s work while doing my own research for a story I’m working on. It’s taken me down a whole new path of discovery. And you know me. As a treasure hunter (virtual and 3-D), I couldn’t be more pleased.

Here is a description from Quayle’s website. In Empire Beneath the Ice you’ll learn:

  • Why the suppressed evidence proves Adolf Hitler didn’t die before Germany surrendered during WWII, and how he eluded capture.
  • How Nazi SS members, scientists, and soldiers escaped with Hitler to create colonies in other parts of the world to continue their monstrous research.
  • Why in 1947 Admiral Richard E. Byrd warned that the US should adopt measures to protect against an invasion by hi-tech aircraft coming from the polar regions, adding, “The time has ended when we were able to take refuge in our isolation and rely on the certainty that the distances, the oceans, and the poles were a guarantee of safety.”
  • How, using advanced technology, Nazi saucers defeated the US military — long after WWII was supposedly over.
  • Why the US space program was mostly a sham, and why the “UFOs” that started appearing around the world in the late 1940s were (and still are) most likely flown by Nazi pilots.
  • How key government, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, financial leaders, and institutions helped Hitler come into power, and facilitated the preservation of Nazi wealth and power after WWII.
  • Why today’s world is secretly controlled by a malevolent shadow government and entire populations are being surreptitiously brainwashed.
  • How ancient stargates have been duplicated to open portals into spiritual and demonic universes.
  • Why those controlling our planet have laid the groundwork for a takeover by a dictator who could best be described as the Antichrist of the Bible. Empire Beneath the Ice carefully documents these and many more astounding facts, divulging the truth about what is happening today. It gives you the insights to help prevent this diabolical takeover or, if it occurs, reveals the details and essential actions you and your loved ones must take. Empire Beneath the Ice exposes the dangers our world faces, and will arm you with the tools you need to counter these unspeakable, secret evils.


Do I agree with everything in the book? I’m not sure yet. Do I believe the Nazis have a secret base in Antarctica? Anything is possible these days, isn’t it? There’s certainly enough technology available to make it possible. And because of the Nazi’s involvement in the occult, who knows what supernatural technology they access?

Oh, this is a fascinating subject. But these were my favorite sections of the book:

Admiral Richard E. Byrd -- head of Operation Highjump. Source: Wikipedia; By U.S. Navy - U.S. Navy promotional shot(autographed photo owned by my father, scanned and cropped), Public Domain

Admiral Richard E. Byrd — head of Operation Highjump. Source: Wikipedia; By U.S. Navy – U.S. Navy promotional shot(autographed photo owned by my father, scanned and cropped), Public Domain

1. Learning about Operation Highjump. Why didn’t I learn about this in school? I’m completely obsessed with knowing more about this operation. What did Byrd actually see? Why is it still such a big secret? And was Byrd murdered? Here’s a bunch of links from Quayle’s website if you’re curious too: High Jump.

2. Learning more about Wagner and the why behind Hitler’s obsession with him and his music.


By Richard Wagner – Library of Congress, Public Domain

3. Nazi Religion: the occult practices of the Nazis. Even as a little girl, I couldn’t fathom the evil of the Nazis. But realizing the Nazi’s deep involvement with the occult, and their practice of conjuring up demons and communicating with them, their perfection of evil makes perfect sense. I’m not sure why anyone questions whether or not Hitler and his minions were demon possessed. I think the question shouldn’t be whether or not he was, but whether or not he was not. It’s the only way I can wrap my head around such ugly, abominable wickedness. (If you want to know how ugly Satan and sin are, look at pictures of the Holocaust.)

KZ Auschwitz, Ankunft ungarischer Juden

Jews on selection ramp at Auschwitz, May 1944 Source: Wikipedia; By Bundesarchiv, Bild 183-N0827-318 / CC-BY-SA 3.0, CC BY-SA 3.0 de,

Three things I loved about this book:

1. Christian worldview

2. Copious footnotes (I was able to look up tons of information on the Internet while I read)

3. Information, information, information.

Three things I didn’t care for:

1. For a book of this price ($40) I was disappointed to find a few typos.

2. The book is so big! My little hands can’t hold a book this big. But all Quayle’s books are published this way. I’ve learned to put a big pillow on my lap and rest the book on it if I’m wanting to read on the couch. It works out pretty well.

3. I wish his books were available digitally. I want to take them all with me. 🙂

The book has some interesting photos and illustrations as well. The only complaint I have about some of the photos are the illustrations by artist, Duncan Long, portraying Satan. They were so disturbing to me I had to cover them up with a piece of paper while I read the accompanying texts. (They’re that good.) Duncan Long’s artwork depicting other aspects in the book are beautiful. Anyone who enjoys looking at aircraft art will love Long’s paintings.

I give this book 4.5 stars. The only reason it’s not a whole five stars are for the reasons I mentioned above.

4andonehalf stars cropped

If you love World War II lore, Jesus, conspiracy theories and history, you’re going to love this book.


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What’s on your writing desk, Diana Lesire Brandmeyer?

What's on your writing desk- (1)


Today we get to peek into the writing lair of Diana Lesire Brandmeyer, author of We’re not Blended We’re Pureed, A Survivor’s Guide (I love that title!) and several inspirational romances. Diana writes  “fiction about women choosing to challenge their fears even though they want to run from them. By the end of their journey they have become the strong women God intends.” Powerful stuff! She is represented by Tamela Hancock Murray of The Steve Laube Agency.


I asked Diana to share her writing space with us, and she has generously obliged!

Karla: Tell me a little bit about your writing space, Diana.

Diana: When I knew I would be a real writer it was obvious to me I’d need my own space. Sharing a room and computer with 3 teenage boys and a husband was too distractive.

Karla: Boy can I relate to that! I have three adult sons living with me right now. Distraction is an understatement I’d say.

Diana: Yes! So my first real office was born. Not having yet made much money from writing I made do with what I had.

before remodel


Karla: Cabinets! I need cabinets! I love cabinets in an office.

Diana: Later, I sold a book and the first thing I did was –write it of course! Then redid my office. I do share the space with my husband but he’s on the other side and is on his computer at night.

office now

Karla: I love everything about this — the colors, the cozy space you share with your husband. You guys are very tidy. I’m afraid my husband and I would — well, let’s just say it wouldn’t be pretty like this. When do you write?

Diana: I write during the day. I’m fortunate to be able to do that. We are empty nesters—who came up with that term? We aren’t birds! Anyway once a week I get to have my grandson and so the house isn’t completely empty and I love that!
office worker

Karla: Awww, what a cutie! As I type this my granddaughters are here with me. I know what you mean about never having a truly empty house. Love hearing their little voices!

Diana: This is what the office looked like after we did it. No more carpet, the chairs will roll across the wood floor so nice!
Brandmeyer office

Karla: Love it! Where’d you get the furniture?

Diana: The desktops and drawer units are from IKEA. When we were doing the office we forgot 1 piece and had to drive back to Chicago and get it. That’s an 8 hour road trip!

Karla: Yikes!

Diana: I love that the printer separates my workspace from my husbands as we both like to spread out. Having the cabinet rollout from under the printer is awesome because it gives me extra flat space to spread research books.

printer shelf

Karla: I love that! I will not covet, I will not covet, I will not covet, I will not covet…

Diana: My desk gets cleaned off between books.
desk top

Karla: We’re supposed to clean off our desk between books? Who knew?

Diana: My husband built this amazing file box that works as a window seat:
file box

Karla: That is soooo cool! I love window seats. I had an old craftsman house when we lived in Iowa and I miss my window seat with the storage inside. Your husband’s very handy!

Diana: Yes he is! The bookcases are from IKEA.  They have lights installed on top. When it’s a gray day outside I flip them on because we don’t have an overhead light, just task lighting.

Diana: I have a lot of help while writing:

Oliver in cabinet




Karla: Awww, how cute! I have furry editors, too. Can’t do it without them!

Diana: Oliver gets his own rolling chair next to mine!


Oliver, Editor In Chief

Diana: I use this wire photo holder to hold the layers I need to put in a book (the layers come from the book Inside Out by Susan May Warren and Rachel Hauwk. That is one book every writer should have.

organize board

Karla: I agree. I have that book. Excellent resource. And what a clever way to visualize your story. I may have to steal this idea. Love it! :::goes to Amazon to look up wire picture thingies:::

Diana: My current new release is Mind of Her Own. Tyndale first released it as an ebook and this year brought it out in paperback. I’m excited to hold it in my hands.


Kindle edition is $1.99 until the end of January! Click to buy!

Karla: Squeee! I love having my books in print. And I must say, that book has an amazing cover. Makes you want to dig right in! How long do you stay at your desk?

Diana: I spend most of my day in the office. If I didn’t have cats that wanted out I think I would forget to get out of my chair!

Karla: With a lovely office such as yours, I can see why! Still, no matter how pretty and user-friendly an office is, writing has to get done in it, and you do it very well.  Readers, be sure to check out Diana’s books:  A Mind of Her Own, A Bride’s Dilemma in Friendship, Tennessee and We’re Not Blended We’re Pureed, a Survivor’s Guide to Blended Families.

And Sign up for her newsletter to read the first chapter of Mind of Her Own FREE!

More ways to stay in touch with Diana:








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So tell me, readers. what do like best about Diana’s office? I can’t decide between the cabinets, the window seats or the under-the-printer pull-out file! Of course, the kitties are a given. Meow!

Where in the world do you write-

Would you like to share your writing space with my readers? If so, you can find out how here: What’s on your writing desk?

Brilliant Blog Award Button Reveal!

As I mentioned last week, this year I’m giving away Brilliant Blog Awards!

Behold the coveted button:

2016 Brilliant Blog jpeg

Who knew running such a contest would mean so much graphic design and html? Whew.

But I think I have the kinks out.

Here’s how it works. (Refer to last week’s post for categories, etc.)

I will choose one or more blogs per month to bestow the coveted Brilliant Blog Award button to. The button is then embedded into the blogger’s website. When readers click on the button, they are taken to a survey page where they can nominate the blog for Blog of the Year.


Cool, eh?

Blog of the Year nominees will be announced Mid-December. Winners will be announced either at the end of the December or the beginning of January.

If you’d like to nominate a blog, you may do so here.

Who will you nominate this year?


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Breaking News: Karla speaking at Iowa Homeschool Conference


I’m writing to confirm that I will indeed be speaking at the Iowa Homeschool Conference, June 9-11. You can find more info here.


I’d love to meet my Iowa readers! I’ll have a booth and will be signing books and giving away goodies.

Hope to see you there!



ACFW-Indiana Features Bob Hostetler at March Luncheon

This post is to inform those members of ACFW of an upcoming event for ACFW-Indiana.

I am so excited about this I’ve invited my husband to come along! Bob Hostetler  is a dynamic speaker you won’t want to miss.

Right click the image below to save to your computer and print.

Or download the .pdf here:  ACFWIndianaChapterFlyerMarch2016

Don’t forget to RSVP ASAP!




Do you have an award-worthy blog?


I love blogs. I read a lot of them, but there are only a few I dare spend precious time on. I’m rather picky. If I read your blog regularly, rest assured it’s a good one. A really good one.

This year, I’m going to share my favorites with my readers. Each month I will choose one blog in a different category. For instance, I may choose one blog in the writing category and another blog in a homeschool category. I will not choose one in every category. I don’t have enough time! I created different categories in order for there to be more chances for people to win the big yearly award in December.

Brilliant Blog Award (2)

Here are the categories I have so far. If you think of any, please leave them in the comments:


Book Review





Spiritual/Inspiration/Bible Study (Christian)









Special Needs Children

Of course, as I discover blogs, they very well could open up a new category. Since it’s my contest, I can do that.

Winners will be given the code to place a button in their side bar. 🙂 I haven’t settled yet on the design. Do you like the one above or this one? Let me know that, too! (I actually have another one in mind but it wasn’t ready to post yet.)


If you have a blog that you believe is award-worthy, feel free to send it my way! Even if it’s not your blog, send me your recommendations. I have several winning blogs in mind already for January. Who knows? Yours just might usurp this month’s winner!


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Time management: a new way of doing things around here


Let’s see, it’s already January 19 and I’m just now getting around to mapping out my year.

But in my defense, it’s only because I had to finish up a three-credit-hour course in Science methods which I did in two weeks. Talk about noodle brain! But I did it, and now I can move on to other things! Yay! (God is so good to help me! The glory goes to Him!)

This is our college mascot. His name is Sage. Isn't he cute? He sends me a note whenever I pass a course. Love it!

This is our college mascot. His name is Sage. Isn’t he cute? He sends me a note whenever I pass a course. Love it!

Anyway, I thought I’d share a bit about what I’m doing in terms of compartmentalizing my life. From what I read, I work more like a guy than a gal. I’m very compartmentalized. Guys can do that better than gals. Gals tend to keep a lot of their mental compartments open all at the same time. I think that’s because they have to when rearing children. They have to be able to nurse the baby, make supper, fish the toddler out of the toilet, call the plumber and switch the laundry all at once. If they compartmentalized everything, something would go wrong. Supper would get burnt while switching laundry and the baby would end up in the toilet and the toddler in the oven or some such thing.

Little Things (2)

Now, I’ll admit, I had to do a lot of the many-things-at-once sort of thing when my kids were small, but I was never very good at it. A lot of suppers got burnt. I’ve always been someone who likes needs to focus on one thing at a time. And I think that’s why I get so much done. It doesn’t seem like one would, but it works for me. Always has.

This is how compartmentalizing works.

-There is an appointed time for everything. And there is a time for every event under heaven---Ecclesiastes 3-1, NASB (2)


Picture your brain with a lot of drawers. You only open one drawer at a time. For example, when I’m working on my novel, I only open the novel drawer. I do not allow myself to open any other drawers because to do so means my focus is split. I don’t crack open those drawers even a little bitty bit. This is easier for me than it is for a lot of my female friends. But it works for me. (I also shop like a guy. Grab it. Bag it. Boom. I’m out of there. My husband, on the other hand? Total opposite!)


Recent scan of Mr. Himself’s brain


(Naturally, I’m speaking in general terms, here. I do not mean to imply that all guys and all gals shop or focus the same all the time. Well, actually, I am, but thought I’d put that disclaimer out there to keep the trolls off my back. Seriously, though, Mr. Himself and I are clearly examples that generalizations don’t always apply.)

Here’s one way I’m trying to compartmentalize this month. If it works, I’m going to do it all year.

Sundays/Mondays: Read an entire book cover to cover. I start it on Sunday afternoon (or Saturday evening if I can) and finish it on Monday. It’s a priority. I have a mile-long stack of books I haven’t read that I’m dying to read. Not to mention the hundreds on my Kindle. Some are for research. Others are fiction authors I want to study. Yes, thankfully, I’m usually a fast reader (depending on interruptions).

Where is human nature so weak as in the bookstore-–Henry Ward Beecher (2)

Tuesdays: Update the blog for the week (I’m glad I can pre-schedule my blog posts), create info-graphics for social media, etc. Write four hours (this includes editing time).

Wednesdays: Focus on my grandchildren and working at the church. I teach an evening class for children and I create my own hands-on lessons. I also pick my granddaughters up from school and taxi them back and forth from dance class and give one of my granddaughters a piano lesson.

Can you believe I get to spend every Wednesday afternoon with these beauties?? (Here they are with their Dad, my son, Jesse)

Can you believe I get to spend every Wednesday afternoon with these beauties?? (Here they are with their Dad, my son, Jesse)

Thursdays: Heavy writing days/college study time/church work study time

Fridays: Heavy writing days/college study time/church work study time. Date night!

Saturdays: Church work/laundry/other manual labor chores

Sundays: Church, rest, read

Now, I don’t know how well this will work. I’m going to give it 30 days. So far so good.


In the midst of all of it, mind you, I’m still taking care of things at home, fielding interruptions (which are constant), exercising, taking my vitamins and showering. (Showering is important.) I also substitute teach when I can, but usually on Thursdays and Fridays unless there’s an urgent need another day of the week. I’d rather not have to, but feeding the family is important, too. For some reason they show up hungry at regularly scheduled times.

Interruptions- I got ' (2)

I think the fact that I’m constantly interrupted (due to living with Autism and Alzheimer’s) is why compartmentalizing works for me. I get so mentally distracted, it’s easier for me to get re-focused if I’m only focusing on that one thing for the day. I also use the timer on kanbanflow (where I keep track of my tasks). It helps me stay on task, keeps me off social media, and helps me track my interruptions and time spent working. I just wish I would remember to start the timer each time!


Please tweet: How do you keep track of time? How do you focus? Weigh in!

So what do you think? Am I nuts? How do you get it all done? I need ideas, so please share with me!

Time to write!

So teach us to number our days,that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom. (2)

I’m blogging over at Hoosier Ink today! Please check out my words of encouragement there! 

Stay tuned for an announcement this week. If you’re a blogger, you’ll definitely want to check back!

Happy New Year, friends!