The War on Words

As a United States citizen, I often wondered if freedom of speech would one day be squelched by the government. But in the past few months, it’s not the government hindering writers from penning their hearts. It’s the technocracy — that elite, wealthy, untouchable group of tech moguls — that threaten this sacred freedom. But not everyone’s freedom of speech …

Public Peeing in Paris

Let’s face it. We all do it. We just don’t all do it in public. Introducing Paris, France and her lovely outdoor urinals for men: To see a lot more details about how this baby works, go here:  Public Peeing. Basically, a guy sidles up to the trash-can-like device and pees inside. The pee lands on the straw that is …

Baby-stepping through new portals

UPDATE: I’ve been swamped, obviously. But I’m finally catching my breath and wanted to share the most recent news from the Akins Ranch! I cross-posted the following on our ministry page: Countdown in T- minus 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 – BLAST OFF! I was in first grade when I first heard those countdowns on …

My Interview on Lighten Up!

What a blessing to be interviewed by Melanie Dale on her podcast, Lighten Up! Please share this interview with your friends and let me know if you have any questions!

My autism interview on ConversationsLIVE

  When I first started interviewing for my book, A Pair of Miracles, I was terrified. Now I really enjoy it. I still have a long way to go to sound polished, but I keep trying! Here’s my interview with ConversationsLIVE host, Cyrus Webb. Thanks, Cyrus, for having me! Please let me know in the comments below how you liked the …

A site makeover and autism!

I’m learning my way around my new site! Until I can figure out what’s what and how it works, I wanted to share this incredible speech by a man with autism. He has an incredible testimony. He’s a miracle,  just like my twins! Do yourself a favor and listen to his story. You’ll understand autism better and you’ll be inspired, …

River Moon Don’t Cry

Jennifer Oliver

When a beautiful Melungeon girl is gambled off by her father onto a sex trafficking, gambling steam boat (harboring runaway slaves and smuggled gold) Flora Jean is thrust into a life very different from her childhood on Newman’s Ridge, in Tennessee. Set on the Mississippi River during the Trail of Tears, River Moon Don’t Cry carries the message of forgiveness …

A Christmas for Maggie

Jennifer Oliver

After the murder of her mother and father during the Indian Removal of 1838, Maggie’s left to raise the young’uns. The last thing she needs to deal with is some know-it-all circuit rider preacher with his fancy talk and city-fide ways. Pastor Obadiah Hawkins is sure God has called him to these mountains. He counts the lonely days until his …


Jennifer Oliver

Sacagawea is the complete 16 chapter riveting historical account of Sacagawea and the events surrounding the Lewis and Clark discovery of the west.

Jacques Cartier

Jennifer Oliver

Sail the high seas and join the adventure of Marc, cabin boy to the great explorer, Jacques Cartier.