A is for Appetite


Hittin’ the berries a little heavy there…

I’m convinced I’m part bear. This time of year I just want to load up on carbs and I’m sure it’s because I’m trying to prepare for winter hibernation and months of sleep. But alas, I live in a human body that doesn’t have the luxury of napping all winter.  Somehow, my  appetite doesn’t know that!


Fall, in my mind, means food. And not just any food. The most delicious food of the entire year.


I wrote a little bit about this on author, Elaine Stock’s, blog. You can see how much I love fall and feeding my voracious appetite here: Be Inspired by Autumn!


But for this post, I want to share five of my favorites for feeding my fall appetite. In the comments below, I’d love for you to share your favorites, too! I’m always picking up new ways to tickle my taste buds, and I know some of my readers are amazing cooks. I want to try some of your creations this fall. If I make the recipe you post, I’ll feature it on my blog!


Here are my top five pics for fattening up for a long winter nap. (I’ll post recipes in later posts):

1. Pecan-Cream Cheese Cinnamon Rolls


2. Sweet Potato Casserole with Pecans


3. Pumpkin Pie (pumpkin anything!)


4. Corn casserole


5. Garlic Mashed Potatoes and Gravy (I sometimes add cream cheese and sour cream to the potatoes. Can you spell calories?)


Have you noticed there’s not any meat in that list? I think this girl could live on carbs (which is why I lose weight on low-carb diets!). However, I do admit I feel better and have more energy if I limit my carb intake. Still, this time of year I crave them. Maybe it’s because they remind me of my grandmother and how good it felt to be loved by her.

apple pie harvest


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      I’m a traditionalist, too. But I am also a sugar addict! Still, I think I make some pretty darn good turkey. I have the Thanksgiving dinner thing down to a science! Love the holiday. Join us!

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  1. When I saw the pumpkin pie thumbnail, I knew this had to be your post, Karla! I love pumpkin pie, too, and pumpkin bread and fresh apple cider, doughnuts from the cider mill and apples! A nice addition to autumn suppers is microwave-baked apples. I just slice and core them, add a little water, a little brown sugar and lots of cinnamon, to taste. Cover and place in the microwave for four to four and a half minutes and voila! Adjust the amount according to your family needs. Easy and yummy!

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      Fresh apple cider and warm donuts — I never had them until I moved to Michigan more than 30 years ago! We didn’t do that in Kansas where I grew up. Now, I look forward to that every year! When I was teaching Kindergarten in Michigan years ago I’d always take my class to the apple orchard for that very treat. Thanks for stopping by, Kathy!

  2. Have an AMAZING recipe for cream of pumpkin soup that i need to dig up – haven’t had it in a LONG time. Tastes like a cup of pumpkin pie. Yummmmmmm. And that sweet potato casserole looks AMAZING!

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      Ooooo, Joanne! If you find the recipe please share! I’d love to try it! And yes, that sweet potato casserole IS amazing. I never had it like that until I moved to Iowa. Learned it there. NOMS. Thanks for stopping by!

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      Me, too, Patty! I love anything that’s pumpkin. (May or may not have just finished off a pumpkin roll…) And no, I didn’t make that pie but I love the idea. I need to get me some leaf cookie cutters!

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