April Fools Day

thI don’t care for pranks as a rule. However, I admit to being party to a few. But I can honestly count on one hand the number of high jinks I’ve participated in.

The worst prank played on my husband and I was when so-called friends put Vaseline all over our van’s door latches. I had my arms full of young twins and Eddie’s hands were full carrying stuff. It was late. We were tired. We didn’t find it funny.

vaseline-781187The Bible has a lot to say about fools. There are at least 93 scriptures referring to the fool. You can read them here: What does the bible say about fool?

I’m sure the movie I went to see last night, entitled Noah, is a big April fool’s joke. Yeah. Has to be. Only explanation.

In fact, I’m thinking Obamacare and my taxes are an April Fool’s joke, too.

Whew. Good thing I figured that out before I paid them!


Tweet this: A fool says in his heart there is no God.


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