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The power of “not yet”

Late bloomer baby boomer. That’s me. Admittedly, I’m on the outer fringe of the baby boomers. But I’m definitely not on the fringe of late bloomers. And I’m in good company. People laugh and think I’m being insulting when I mention I’m a plodder. I’ve never been a runner. Well, except for maybe that one, […]

Not your grandmother’s snow day

Teacher or student, I’ve always loved me a snow day. (For you English teachers, I realize that is not proper grammar. I’m writing in casual conversation here…) I grew up in southern Kansas. Snow days were rare. My best recollection of a snow day was the winter of 1971 when my dad wrapped Wonder Bread […]

As I see it: a view through the special educator’s lens

There are some things that happen in public education that I will never understand. I realize I come from a background very different than most public school teachers. I was fortunate to start my teaching career in small, private schools, where imagination and creativity by the teacher was encouraged. Ironically, I started out teaching in […]

What makes a writer great

There’s not a reputable writer out there that doesn’t want to be the best in their craft. One way we scribes measure our success is by how many awards or best-sellers we have under our belt. Others measure it by how many books they’ve published or sold. A top-ten Amazon ranking, a New York Times […]

My New Life as a Special Education Teacher

Yes, I know, I know. It’s ironic. I’ve not had much to do with public schools during most of my adult life. I did attend public schools as a child K-12th grade, but I chose to homeschool my children for various reasons. One of them being the school districts we lived in doing a poor […]