Autism and First Place Chili


Isaiah (L) and Isaac (R) Chili Champs three years running!

We’ve had a chili-cook-off tradition at our church for the past seven years or so. For the past three years my twin sons with autism have won first place!

The first year, they used my recipe and I guided them through the process. The second year their Dad’s recipe was used and Dad entered with them.

Last night they entered by themselves with Mom’s recipe and won again!

Isaac did all the veggie chopping himself with our Vidalia Onion Chopper.

VidaliaChopWizard3I don’t know what the secret to our chili is. I think it’s a pretty basic recipe. We make it just hot enough to sting a little, but not enough to make people run for the water fountain. We do live in the north. I think our chili is milder than those in Texas. However, I do love the tickle if cayenne pepper in my nose, don’t you?


My secret ingredient? I think it might be butter. My secret recipe sautes the onions and peppers in butter. I also use a very high quality beef grown locally and humanely.

What’s the secret ingredient in your chili?


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