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One of my favorite motorcycle trip memories is when my husband and I rode our motorcycles from Northeast Indiana to the charming town of Frankenmuth, Michigan (“Michigan’s Little Bavaria”) in order to pick out a Christmas ornament for our 25th Anniversary. (Click on images to make them bigger if you like.)

Downtown Frankenmuth

Downtown Frankenmuth

Why travel 250 miles (one way) just to pick out a Christmas ornament? (Tweet this!)

Because, for one thing, it’s fun to ride motorcycles together. And for another thing, there’s a HUGE Christmas ornament store there!

Bronner’s was founded in 1945 by Wally Bronner. It’s opened 361 days a year and features over 50,000 trims and gifts. If you are a Christmas decorations fanatic, this is the store for you.

Bronner’s Entrance

I tend to get overwhelmed easily in stores like this, but Bronner’s isn’t as chaotic as it may seem. The store is beautifully organized by color or theme.

Inside Bronner’s
More ornaments than you ever imagined!
More ornaments than you ever imagined!
So much to choose from!
So much to choose from!
The Christmas trees are stunning. Photos don’t do them justice. 

 The outside of the store is just as fascinating as the inside!

Check out those herald angels on each side!
The wise guy and his camel were my favorite.

Bronner’s Silent Night Memorial Chapel sits on the grounds and is open daily for viewing and meditation. Every evening there’s a ½-mile long Christmas Lane that glistens with thousands of twinkling lights. Over two million people, including 2,000 group tours, visit Bronner’s attraction annually! Wow!

Silent Night Chapel

Silent Night Chapel

There is one ornament I’ve been yearning to get. (If you read my book, The Pastor’s Wife Wears Biker Boots, you’ll know why!)



Stop by next Thursday when I share what we bought to take home with us to celebrate our 25th Anniversary (way back in 2007)!

Do you like decorating for Christmas? Why or why not?

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  1. I don’t like decorating for Christmas, but I like how it looks, so I do it. My son was complaining last night (when Santa Claus came to town for Peru, Indiana’s holiday open house) that the decorating went on for too long, but I said I liked it because it made people feel good. I believe it does (though not him.)

    I’d love to go to Frankenmuth–it’s on my travel bucket list.

  2. I usually love decorating for Christmas, but I just haven’t felt up to it this year.

    The store reminds me of one we visited while we were stationed in Germany.

    1. Jodie, I know what you mean. But I must because of Mama with Alzheimer’s and the twins. They expect it. I dread it every year but once it’s done, I’m happy I did it. Hugs. I know you’re facing some challenges. You’re in my prayers!

  3. Love Christmas! Love everything about it–except maybe over the top commercialism. 😉 I’d have 10 trees but don’t want to take them down! Love the ornaments and the feeling and the suspense and the kids, the trees, and angels and nativity. All of it! Great post.

    1. Wow, Carole, you’re ambitious! I’d love to see all those trees. Hopefully you have a helper! My husband has taken to decorating the tree the last few years. He seems to enjoy it. Send some pics when your trees are up!

  4. Lovely pictures, Karla. I love decorating for Christmas, but the past few years, I’ve pared things down…I get WAY too depressed taking it all down. I usually save a Hallmark movie I’d DVR’d and sob over it during the take-down. Your pictures really remind me what it’s all for. God bless you this upcoming Christmastide , and always.

  5. I totally get traveling 250 miles one way on your bikes to get an ornament! I LOVE riding with my husband (but only as a passenger… don’t have my own bike … yet! lol)
    I’m excited about finding this blog hop… now to put together an x-mas blog!

  6. Bahahaha!!! LOVE that Sasquatch ornament! And I DO know why you want it! LOL! How awesome! I absolutely LOVE Christmas, decorating, feasting, the music, and above all… celebrating the birth of Jesus! I’m actually listening to a Bing Crosby Christmas CD as I write this! Yes…I admit, I am a fan of Bing. But I love Dean Martin the best! ;-] Love your post, Karla. Looks like I’m going to have to take a road trip to Bronner’s. <3

    1. Post
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