What’s on your writing desk, Mary Sayler?

Karla:  Today we’re visiting Mary Sayler at her writing desk! Mary also shares details about her routine. Take it away, Mary!

What's on your writing desk- (1)

Mary: I’m at my desk every morning, writing and posting Praise Poems or blogging on various aspects of words and The Word for The Word Center blog. Since I’ve been a full-time freelance and assignment writer for Christian and educational publishers for most of my adult life, I usually have a project in progress. Otherwise, I’m researching for my Bible study class, or I’m reading a new edition of the Bible I’ve been sent to review on the Bible Reviewer blog, or I’m revising my poems, or I’m critiquing someone else’s poems for a small fee, or I’m redoing my website, or I’m social networking, or I’m doing laundry or tending grandchildren or cooking dinner or emailing whoever is waiting for my response or waiting tables at our church’s weekly pancake breakfast.

Karla: Whew. What a whirlwind! But it sounds so fulfilling!

Mary's office

Mary’s writing lair. Isn’t it cozy?

Mary: As a lifelong lover of Christ, the Bible, and the church, I’m a persistent pray-er, but praising God doesn’t come naturally for me. Then, last Fall, I felt the Lord coaxing me to begin the Praise Poems blog to praise God for Who God Is, rather than what He does. Those poems have kept coming as contemporary psalms until I have more than enough for a book!

Karla: That is so awesome! I love it when that happens!


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Mary: Although many of my books (27 in all genres) are no longer in print, the newest ones can be found on my Amazon Author Page. I posted some of my online writing credits on my website and set up Profile pages in the Poets & Writers online directory of poets, About Me, and the just-discovered QuotesRain.


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Back in the Golden Days, my traditional publishers did all of the marketing for me, leaving me free to write. Now, social networking seems to be a must for any writer with books or blogs, so I’m on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus, and who knows what else! I’m grateful for my computer and Internet, but oh, I miss pencil and paper!

Where in the world do you write-

Karla: Me, too, Mary! I miss the days I’d sit in the trees over the creek behind my grandmother’s house and pen prose. Those were delicious moments. But from the looks of your twitter following (10k+!), you’re great at this social media thing! Wow!

Thanks for sharing your writing space with us today! It’s fun to peek in on professional writers’ lairs and see how they do it. Your space looks incredibly inviting for getting in the writing zone.

How about you, Dear Reader? Where in the world do you write? I’d love to know!


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What’s on your writing desk, Karen Wingate?

What's on your writing desk- (1)

I’m so pleased to introduce my readers to Karen Wingate. I got to meet Karen in person at ACFW Conference 2015, and we sat by one another during the awards banquet. She is the loveliest, sweetest soul. We were both in tears when fellow author, Kate Breslin, won the Carol! I fell in love with Karen that night, watching her rejoice with other authors. I knew in her I had a kindred spirit. But enough blathering, I’m sure you’re eager to meet her, too. So here we go.


Karen claims to be “an ordinary woman who has watched a powerful God do awesome things.” She lives in the farmland of Western Illinois and is married to a minister. They live with a bossy Welsh Corgi and are parents to two “grown and gone awesome daughters who are using their God given gifts to make a difference in their corner of the world.”


Karen loves “cooking, Corgis (did I already say that?), knitting, reading, history, reading about history, and of course, writing, especially writing about God’s place in history. I love to share how God does great things through ordinary people and I love connecting with my Christian sisters to hear how God is transforming their lives and using them to extend God’s grace to those around them.”

Since Karen is such a gifted writer, I’m going to let her tell you about her cozy writing space. Take it away, Karen!


I love my writing room! Even though I’ve worked as a writer for nearly thirty years, I’ve had my own special room for only the last five years. Since my husband is a minister, we’ve lived in parsonages most of those years and I’ve been afraid to ask to decorate a room to fit my taste. I finally got the nerve and created my own space. One of our elders even did the painting for me! I’m glad I did. My room has become more than my office; it’s my own personal retreat where I feel calm, comfortable and quiet, a place where I can think big thoughts.


I find the tan walls with lime green accents soothing and relaxing. So does my husband who often wanders into my room in the evening to sit on the bed and chat. I’ve hung two picture on the wall above my desk that remind me daily of my purpose. The larger picture depicts a scene I would like to write about some day. The Moravian missionary, David Zeisburger was called to share Christ with the Delaware Indians. My framed art tells the story of the first time he preached to a group. You can see his audience in various stages of accepting the Gospel message. The smaller picture was taken by a friend at a writer’s conference. That’s a sunrise, not a sunset and it reminds me to keep dreaming, and that God’s faithfulness is new every morning.


On the opposite side, I have a day bed for guests or for when I want to stretch out and read. The knitted squares on the bed are part of the afghan throw I’m creating for the bed, another expression of my creativity.


My old and faithful Welsh Corgi, Tuesday often sleeps by my side. She asks for walks less often now but I often stay at my desk longer than I intend because I don’t want to disturb her.


As women’s ministry director at my local church, I oversee the programs of our Women’s Fellowship and facilitate two on-site and one online Bible study small groups. Right now, our network of groups include over 45 women. In addition to prepare bible study materials, I keep up with my blog at www.graceonparade.com and write articles for The Lookout. I’m currently working on a contemporary romantic suspense set in Southern Arizona and have dreams of writing several historical fiction novels set in Ohio, Kansas and Illinois, all places where we have lived and served in the ministry. Finally I’m waiting for the green light to write a book of adult bible study materials for a company that has previously produced my children’s curriculum.

Where in the world do you write-

Regardless of the space you have as a writer, I encourage you to make it your own. It doesn’t take much—framed art, your personal color scheme or even something whimsical like a stuffed teddy bear or a Mrs. Potato Head like I have in my room. For years, I kept a figurine of a Norman Rockwell self-portrait that reminded me to look into myself and be who I really am in God’s eyes. Surround yourself with symbols that represent you, your faith and your passion.

Karla: Karen, I absolutely love your space. And I have wanted an office with a bed for years! I think it would be lovely to take a little nap to recharge right there in my writing space. I’ve even considered making a nest under my desk. Hee hee.

Everyone, be sure to connect with Karen online. She has the most lovely blog and was the winner of one of my January Brilliant Blog Award Picks!

Website: www.graceonparade.com

Facebook Author page: https://www.facebook.com/graceonparade/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/kwingate715


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 Would you like to share your writing space with my readers? If so, you can find out how here: What’s on your writing desk?

What’s on your writing desk, Janet Grunst?

 What's on your writing desk- (1)

I’m so happy to introduce Janet Grunst to you for our writing desk feature!

Janet lives in Williamsburg, in Southeastern Virginia, part of Virginia’s Historic Triangle (Jamestown, Williamsburg, and Yorktown) which nurtures her love of history and her writing. She shares life there with Ken, her husband and Scotty, a very entertaining Westie.

When Janet’s not writing, she is probably reading, cooking, or working in her garden. She also enjoys serving in her church and participating in Community Bible Study, where she has served in leadership for the past thirty years.

Janet Porch 2

The porch is a perfect spot for reading and plotting her historical fiction stories. But the real work takes place in their family room where she spends hours researching and writing either for her stories or blog posts.

Janet My Writing Space -2

“Ken and I, both serious introverts, have an ideal set up. I write upstairs at one end of the house, and he builds guitars in his workshop downstairs at the other end of the house. Both of us enjoy our solitary pursuits as well as our time together.”

Janet just signed a contract with Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas to publish the first story of her Revolutionary War trilogy! Congratulations, Janet!

Janet signing my first book contract

She is represented by Linda Glaz at the Hartline Literary Agency.

You can find Janet online here:





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Where in the world do you write-

Would you like to share your writing space with my readers? If so, you can find out how here: What’s on your writing desk?

What’s on your writing desk, Cynthia T. Toney?

What's on your writing desk- (1)

Today’s writing space is brought to us by former advertising designer, marketing director and interior decorator, Cynthia T. Toney. She has a BA in art education with a minor in history. She knew she was a writer when she got in trouble for rewriting ad copy without permission at a large daily newspaper she worked for. (I love it!)

Cynthia T. Torey

Cynthia T. Toney

When she’s not cooking Cajun or Italian  food (yum!), Cynthia writes historical and contemporary teen fiction containing elements of mystery and romance. The first edition of her debut novel, Bird Face, won a 2014 Moonbeam Children’s Book Award, Bronze, in the Pre-teen Mature Issues category!


With a new publisher for an entire Bird Face series, the original story is now Book One and titled 8 Notes to a Nobody. Book Two is 10 Steps to Girlfriend Status. Look for more books in the series in the near future from Write Integrity Press.


Let’s find out where Cynthia creates these award-winning books!

Karla: Cynthia, I’m so excited to have you on my blog today. Tell us all about your writing nest.

Cynthia: My current workspace was meant to be temporary when my husband and I moved 500 miles from Mississippi to Texas in April, but I’ve become quite comfortable in what will soon become the guest room. So one photo shows a space in use, while the other shows a space I’m designing in the designated office/study of the house. It looks so fresh and clean, I hate to move the computer and other stuff in there.




Karla: Oooo, I love that curved desk. The carpet is lovely, too. I’m a snacker when I write (unfortunately). Do you have anything nearby when you’re creating?


Cynthia: I like to keep the following close at hand on or near my desk:

  • A colorful napkin for use when snacking. I’ll eat almost anything at my desk, but today I tried to be good and ate baby carrots.
  • Brain supplements. A bottle of DMAE sits there now.
  • Handwritten notes to myself.
  • Tissues. Not just for crying.
  • A cushion for the tushie.
  • A novel by an author I admire.
  • My paper files, although poorly arranged. I would’ve made a terrible secretary.
  • A dog or two or three, although they made themselves scarce when I started taking photographs.

All moved in!

Karla: Oh, I can totally relate to baby carrots, DMAE (I take other brain supplements but they are near me at all times!) and furry editors. Is there anything else you’d like to share with my readers?


Cynthia: I love rescued animal-shelter dogs and the friendly South from Georgia to Texas, I love  connecting with readers online and hope to hear from them.

Karla: I knew we were kindred spirits! I have furry rescue babies at my house, too! They’re the best kind.


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Karla: Dear Readers, please connect with Cynthia in the following ways. She’ll be thrilled:

Website:  http://www.cynthiattoney.com

Blog:  http://birdfacewendy.wordpress.com

Facebook Author Page:  https://www.facebook.com/birdfacewendy

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/7872181.Cynthia_T_Toney

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=79780768&trk=spm_pic

Twitter:  @CynthiaTToney

Where in the world do you write-

Would you like to share your writing space with my readers? If so, you can find out how here: What’s on your writing desk?

What’s on your writing desk, Diana Lesire Brandmeyer?

What's on your writing desk- (1)


Today we get to peek into the writing lair of Diana Lesire Brandmeyer, author of We’re not Blended We’re Pureed, A Survivor’s Guide (I love that title!) and several inspirational romances. Diana writes  “fiction about women choosing to challenge their fears even though they want to run from them. By the end of their journey they have become the strong women God intends.” Powerful stuff! She is represented by Tamela Hancock Murray of The Steve Laube Agency.


I asked Diana to share her writing space with us, and she has generously obliged!

Karla: Tell me a little bit about your writing space, Diana.

Diana: When I knew I would be a real writer it was obvious to me I’d need my own space. Sharing a room and computer with 3 teenage boys and a husband was too distractive.

Karla: Boy can I relate to that! I have three adult sons living with me right now. Distraction is an understatement I’d say.

Diana: Yes! So my first real office was born. Not having yet made much money from writing I made do with what I had.

before remodel


Karla: Cabinets! I need cabinets! I love cabinets in an office.

Diana: Later, I sold a book and the first thing I did was –write it of course! Then redid my office. I do share the space with my husband but he’s on the other side and is on his computer at night.

office now

Karla: I love everything about this — the colors, the cozy space you share with your husband. You guys are very tidy. I’m afraid my husband and I would — well, let’s just say it wouldn’t be pretty like this. When do you write?

Diana: I write during the day. I’m fortunate to be able to do that. We are empty nesters—who came up with that term? We aren’t birds! Anyway once a week I get to have my grandson and so the house isn’t completely empty and I love that!
office worker

Karla: Awww, what a cutie! As I type this my granddaughters are here with me. I know what you mean about never having a truly empty house. Love hearing their little voices!

Diana: This is what the office looked like after we did it. No more carpet, the chairs will roll across the wood floor so nice!
Brandmeyer office

Karla: Love it! Where’d you get the furniture?

Diana: The desktops and drawer units are from IKEA. When we were doing the office we forgot 1 piece and had to drive back to Chicago and get it. That’s an 8 hour road trip!

Karla: Yikes!

Diana: I love that the printer separates my workspace from my husbands as we both like to spread out. Having the cabinet rollout from under the printer is awesome because it gives me extra flat space to spread research books.

printer shelf

Karla: I love that! I will not covet, I will not covet, I will not covet, I will not covet…

Diana: My desk gets cleaned off between books.
desk top

Karla: We’re supposed to clean off our desk between books? Who knew?

Diana: My husband built this amazing file box that works as a window seat:
file box

Karla: That is soooo cool! I love window seats. I had an old craftsman house when we lived in Iowa and I miss my window seat with the storage inside. Your husband’s very handy!

Diana: Yes he is! The bookcases are from IKEA.  They have lights installed on top. When it’s a gray day outside I flip them on because we don’t have an overhead light, just task lighting.

Diana: I have a lot of help while writing:

Oliver in cabinet




Karla: Awww, how cute! I have furry editors, too. Can’t do it without them!

Diana: Oliver gets his own rolling chair next to mine!


Oliver, Editor In Chief

Diana: I use this wire photo holder to hold the layers I need to put in a book (the layers come from the book Inside Out by Susan May Warren and Rachel Hauwk. That is one book every writer should have.

organize board

Karla: I agree. I have that book. Excellent resource. And what a clever way to visualize your story. I may have to steal this idea. Love it! :::goes to Amazon to look up wire picture thingies:::

Diana: My current new release is Mind of Her Own. Tyndale first released it as an ebook and this year brought it out in paperback. I’m excited to hold it in my hands.


Kindle edition is $1.99 until the end of January! Click to buy!

Karla: Squeee! I love having my books in print. And I must say, that book has an amazing cover. Makes you want to dig right in! How long do you stay at your desk?

Diana: I spend most of my day in the office. If I didn’t have cats that wanted out I think I would forget to get out of my chair!

Karla: With a lovely office such as yours, I can see why! Still, no matter how pretty and user-friendly an office is, writing has to get done in it, and you do it very well.  Readers, be sure to check out Diana’s books:  A Mind of Her Own, A Bride’s Dilemma in Friendship, Tennessee and We’re Not Blended We’re Pureed, a Survivor’s Guide to Blended Families.

And Sign up for her newsletter to read the first chapter of Mind of Her Own FREE!

More ways to stay in touch with Diana:

Website/blog:  http://www.dianabrandmeyer.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/dianalesirebrandmeyerauthor

Twitter: https://twitter.com/DianaBrandmeyer/status/587625355088793602

Pinterest:  https://www.pinterest.com/pencildancer/

Instagram: https://instagram.com/dianabrandmeyer/

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/DianaLesireBrandmeyer


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So tell me, readers. what do like best about Diana’s office? I can’t decide between the cabinets, the window seats or the under-the-printer pull-out file! Of course, the kitties are a given. Meow!

Where in the world do you write-

Would you like to share your writing space with my readers? If so, you can find out how here: What’s on your writing desk?

What’s on your writing desk, Roberta C. M. DeCaprio?

What's on your writing desk- (1)


Today I’m pleased to introduce you to fellow writer, Roberta C. M. DeCaprio. Roberta is a prolific writer and (BONUS!) married to a screenwriter. I’d like to invite Roberta back sometime and find out what it’s like having two writers in the house!  Roberta has a lovely blog and website here.

Check out her cozy writing space:

Roberta in her office

K: Tell me about your writing space, Roberta!

R: My writing space is a back bedroom, which once housed my children’s toy room when they were small. At one time it also served as a step-child’s bedroom, a foster child’s bedroom, and a friend’s bedroom who needed sanctuary while going through a divorce. The walls hold the history of my thirty-seven years owning my home, as well as many memories….and has become a perfect place to write my stories.

K: How much time do you spend there?

R: I spend anywhere from three to five hours a day in my writing den….answering email, promoting my books, doing research, writing historical and paranormal romance, and on down times, playing Sims 3 game.

K: Sims is such a fun game! I’ll have to check out Sims 3. How’s your writing space set up?

R: My writing den is furnished with a desk I inherited from a beloved uncle….atop it sits my computer and a hurricane-type lamp that once sat on my grandmother’s vanity. My father’s old Remington typewriter is not far away on a filing cabinet, which he used to create his own poems, short stories, and song lyrics. Many pictures of beloved pets no longer with me adorn the walls, as well as an oil painting done by my husband. A book hutch holds my favorite books by such authors as Diana Gabaldon, Karen Marie Moning, and the late Kathleen E. Woodiwiss, whose A ROSE IN WINTER inspired me to write my first historical (and book one of my BETWEEN THE RIFLE AND THE SPEAR series) entitled THE GOLDEN LADY (The Wild Rose Press). Shelves hold my Barbie doll collection, and an artificial fireplace puts a warm glow to the room when I’m hammering away on my computer keyboard on winter days, munching now and then on chocolate I always have handy.

K: What a special place! And to have so many things that mean so much to you surrounding you, it must feel very nurturing and safe. I love the idea of having an old typewriter nearby. I am keeping my eye open for one myself. What are you working on now?

R: My latest work in progress is the sixth book in my historical series, BETWEEN THE RIFLE AND THE SPEAR, and is entitled THE LAST BLOOM.

K: Thank you so much for sharing your charming space with us, Roberta! It seems to be a very intimate and comforting place. Quite lovely, don’t you agree readers?

Where in the world do you write-

More about Roberta:

Roberta C.M. DeCaprio is a published author in the genre of paranormal and historical romance, as well as mainstream fiction. A prior “sexuality” columnist for A.B.L.E.D. WOMEN magazine, and former Assistant Editor for INDEPENDENCE TODAY  newspaper, (both publications dedicated to the needs and rights of the disabled), Roberta has insight into the problems other physically challenged  people face due to living herself with a walking impairment.

She is the author of ONCE UPON A SONNET, a self-published book of poems, and has won awards for her poetry, becoming published in several anthologies. Her first paranormal romantic suspense, entitled COMA COAST was released October 1st, 2006 published by Wings Press. The sequel, entitled THE VANITY, a paranormal romantic thriller, was released August 1st, 2007, also by Wings. Roberta’s romantic fantasy, entitled A RIVER OF ORANGE, published by The Wild Rose Press, was released February 1st, 2008. A historical romance entitled THE GOLDEN LADY, (Book one in the BETWEEN THE RIFLE AND THE SPEAR series) was released September 11th, 2009 also from The Wild Rose Press and book two, entitled ONE PERFECT FLOWER was released July 6th, 2010. Book three, A ROSE IN AMBER, was released July 8th, 2011. Book four, BORN OF PROUD BLOOD, was released November of 2012.


Book five, RETURN TO WILLOW CREEK, was released September of 2014. Her newest mainstream paranormal was released into second edition printing, October, 2010 from The Z Group/ZLS Publishers and is entitled, AN ALTERED JOURNEY.

Roberta is a graduate of the Writers Digest School and Cornell Cooperative Extension. During the years she was a member of the Romance Writers of America, she held office from 2002 to 2004 as newsletter editor for Capital Region, her local chapter of RWA, interviewing such published authors as Elaine Raco-Chase, Valerie Hansen, Barbara Daly, Sue-Ellen Welfonder, Mary J. Forbes, Sharron McClellan, Mariah LeGrand and the late Kathleen E. Woodiwiss for the former monthly publication, Capital Romance.

Currently she is a member of the Upstate Independents in Albany, NY and is collaborating with her screenwriter husband on such projects as a 24 HOUR FILM RACE CONTEST and a sit-com for network television.

A mother, and grandmother of two, Roberta shares her upstate N.Y. home with many dearly loved pets and her artist/screenwriter husband.

To view Roberta’s backlist and read excerpts from her books log on to: www.robertacmdecaprio.com.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/roberta.c.decaprio




Click here to read excerpts or order books: – www.robertacmdecaprio.com or Roberta’s blog at: www.thewordmerchantssociety.blogspot.com


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My Interview on the Wealthy Wednesday Radio Show!


Everything you wanted to know about me but were afraid to ask.

I hope you’ll take the time to listen to my interview on the Wealthy Wednesday Show and leave your comments and questions. I love interacting with you!

Thank you to Luci McMonagle for inviting me to be on her show. I had a blast.


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How I Get It All Done (Sorta)

Waste your time--waste your life.Like you, I’m insanely busy. Sometimes I feel as if I don’t even have time to breathe. This can make writing hard. Not only for finding time to write, but having the mental clarity to write.

It doesn’t get easier as we get older. We need a lot more brain support in terms of exercise, nutrition and supplements. I was sharp as a tack until I turned 40 and then I realized how fallible and fragile this thing called life is. And I don’t know who told me parenting adult children was easy, but I have a hunch they didn’t have adult children.


Most of you know that I’m a full-time pastor/pastor’s wife, full-time college student and “full-time” writer. That is, I spend at least four hours a day on my writing career. (Often, I spend much more than that.) As a pastor I spend at least 40 (ahem, to 60) hours and my college homework gets squeezed in there in between it all.

On top of that I’m a Mom, grandma, wife, daughter-in-law to my mother-in-law who lives with us and has Alzheimer’s. My candles are pretty much melted. If I don’t keep track of my tasks, they don’t get done.

unnamed (2)

Here’s how I do it.

My first favorite item is my physical planner notebook, The Planner Pad. I love this planner because it not only gives me a full calendar view but also lets me plan by the week and day. Now, I also use a digital planning system as well, but it’s different than this planner, and I’ll get to it later. This physical planner helps me write out my week by hand in order to internalize it.

Here is a pic of my calendar page for the month of September 2015 (it’s not nearly as pretty as the video).


And here’s the “funnel” pages I use each week to categorize and prioritize my activities. This is the one for this week. It will fill up more as the week goes along.


Now, if you watch the following video, you’ll see I don’t use the funnel pages correctly. For some reason I want to put my specific times on the middle part of my page instead of at the bottom. What you’re supposed to do is break down the tasks in the middle of the page and then schedule specific times for them at the bottom. I tend to just schedule appointments at specific times on the middle of the page.

unnamed (1)

Our lives are so interrupted that I get discouraged if I write something like, “blog from 9 AM – 10 AM.” No sooner will I write that than someone in this house or at the church will have an urgent need. And then I feel even more frustrated. Since I’m a little too task-oriented in life as it is, the way I do it works for me so I don’t become resentful.

The Planner Pad does have a digital planner. But I don’t care for it because it’s not all on one page. That’s why I use KanbanFlow on my computer instead of planner pad.

I like this system because I can see every segment of my life in one glance. (The column on the far left, “Chris” is a part-time consulting job I do. Nothing going on this week. Yay!)


An example of a week (incomplete)

I can also create a whole new board for a specific task.


I can also break down the week and tasks into “Do Today” and  “Do This Week” and really, any type of column I want. And if you delegate a lot of things on your list (I don’t) then you can add a name and photo to the task. (I don’t usually bother with the photo thing but did it to show you here.)


I’m a bit addicted to Zulily and tumblr…

The drawbacks of this system is that there isn’t an app for the iPhone. However, you can still access it via the web. Still, I’m not sure why they haven’t created an app. But for me, this works because I usually only use it when I have my computer on and open. (And that’s most of the day.)

It also has the promodoro timer!


I can keep track of time spent on different tasks or make myself focus for different stretches of time with the timer. And it will also keep statistics for you. To learn more about the different details, watch the video below.

I’m still learning how to use different colors to code urgency or type of task. For me, just getting the tasks down (brain dumping) is a huge relief. And I like being able to drag the task tiles over into the “done” column. There’s a lot of satisfaction in that!

This system was actually developed for collaborators designing software. I absolutely love it for juggling the different roles I play in life.

What system do you use to stay on task?


Would you be so kind as to share a tweet?

What do you use to stay on task?

What’s on your writing desk, Jodie Wolfe?

What's on your writing desk- (1)

Today I’m so pleased to introduce you to my friend and fellow-writer, Jodie Wolfe! Jodie is represented by the same literary agent as I am, Linda Glaz of Hartline Literary Agency.

Jodie Wolfe

Jodie Wolfe was bitten by the writing bug as a young girl after reading and watching Little House on the Prairie. Laura Ingalls Wilder’s influence also instilled a love of history, particularly the 19th Century. Jodie’s books provide history, hope, laughter & happily-ever-afters. You can find her here: Jodie’s Website.

Karla: Jodie, I’m so glad you’re with us today. Tell us a little bit about your writing space.

Jodie: I currently have a desk on one wall of my dining room. I know it’s not an ideal spot and I hope to soon change to a real office A.K.A. a former bedroom of one of my kids who has left the nest. 🙂 Actually both have left the nest, but the other bedroom is a craft room/guest bedroom.


The computer started out here when my boys were young and we wanted to have it in a main area so we knew what our kids were doing online. My space has grown to overflowing bookcases, full file cabinets and papers strewn everywhere. The ‘No Whining’ sign was hung as a reminder for my kids… but I guess I need it too. Can you tell I need an office?

Karla: I love the sign over your computer. I need to get me one of those. How long do you write each day?

Jodie: I’m typically at my desk 4-6 hours a day, five days a week working on Christian historical romances, blogging, or working on increasing my platform. Chocolate is always close by as well as sunflower seeds. I heard the seeds are good for brain and memory, although I’m not too sure it’s working. On the off days you might find me on my tablet in between spending time with my husband or trying to do shudder housework.

Where in the world do you write-

Karla: What are you working on now?

Jodie: My newest project, A Place to Belong,  is set in Shippensburg, PA in 1877. Hannah Moore is unable to hold any job for more than a week due to numerous fiascos, but she’s determined to earn her way. When she takes a position as companion to an ailing woman, Hannah had no idea the lady is related to the snarky clerk at the local hardware store or she would’ve refused. Luke Weiser has no interest in marriage and is driven to ensure his grandmother’s needs are provided for while maintaining a distance from the feisty, new live-in caregiver disturbing his life. Will they continue to resist each other or find a place of belonging?

Karla:  Jodie, thanks so much for sharing your lovely writing space with us today. Where can we find you on the web?

Jodie: You can find me here:

Jodie’s Website




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What’s on your writing desk, Elaine Stock?

What's on your writing desk- (1)

Today I’m excited to feature one of my dear writing pals, Elaine Stock. She is represented by the same literary agent I am, the lovely Linda Glaz. I’m so happy that my readers get to know Elaine. She has a very engaging blog. You’ll want to check it out.


Karla:  I love this picture of you and your cat! I write surrounded by my pets, too.

Elaine:  Although this photograph of myself is a tribute to my not long ago writing muse of the past nineteen and a half years, Wild Cat, who left me for a much better forever writing spot this past October, what you see is pretty much my writing place. Oh, I do have this great big antique oak desk that is presently in the corner of the kitchen. I think. Is that what’s under the printer, mounds of paper that can never, ever be thrown away, and writing how-to books?

“If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered

Karla: Oh yes. I have one of those mysterious wooden things you call desks, too. I’m sure it’s under there somewhere. Along with a pony, maybe? I’m very sorry about the loss of your cat. As an animal lover with five fur babies myself, and having had many over the years, I know how very precious they are to us.

Where do you like to write the most?

Where in the world do you write-

Elaine: With limited space, I’ve come to appreciate this corner of the sofa. It’s the closest to the wood stove in the winter, plus I look out four big windows and a backdoor for views of the countryside. Since the photo was taken I now have an additional pink marble side table. On good days I use the coffee table and side table as desk extensions—of course! To add a little more zest in my drive I’ll keep a mug of coffee—if early in the morning—or hot tea or plain old tap water. I’m not into snacking—really!—but may indulge in fruit or a granola bar if the blood sugar sags.

Karla: I don’t think I know the meaning of “not into snacking.” I wish I did! I envy that! Thanks for sharing your lovely writing space with us, Elaine. It sounds absolutely cozy and inspiring.


Karla writing from her snack fort.

Here’s a bit more about Elaine. I hope you’ll make every effort to connect with her, Dear Reader!

Elaine Stock never expected that a college major in psychology and sociology would walk her through the see-saw industries of food service and the weight-loss business; co-ownership with her husband in piano restoration and 10 years in community service. All great fodder for writing fiction.


(c) Elaine Stock

In the spring of 2011 she placed in the Semi-finals category in the ACFW Genesis Contest for her novel WALK WITH ME. In 2013 she received the honor of My Book Therapy’s Frasier Bronze Medalist award for her novel NO GOING BACK. And in 2014 she was blessed with the news that her short story IN HIS OWN TIME won the People’s Choice Award in the FamilyFiction Contest, which was published in the printed anthology, THE STORY: 2014 Anthology. November 2014 saw her short story, THE FOREVER CHRISTMAS GIFT, released in CHRISTMAS TREASURES: A COLLECTION OF CHRISTMAS SHORT STORIES. In January 2015 she became a regular contributing author to Happy Sis Magazine (http://happysis.com) aimed at an international readership to “inspire women to know Christ and to grow in faith, integrity, confidence, success and happiness.”

Her own blog, Everyone’s Story (http://elainestock.com) has grown in its over 4-year existence, receiving an average of 8,000 viewer monthly visits. She weekly hosts authors, writers, and readers, which helps to further her reach and connection to many on an international level. Everyone’s Story’s theme is to uplift and encourage all through the power of story and hope.

Connect with Elaine here:

Twitter http://www.twitter.com/ElaineStock

Facebook  https://www.facebook.com/AuthorElaineStock

Goodreads  http://goodreads.com/ElaineStock


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