Erica’s Edition: I didn’t see that coming!

Erica Graphman

Today’s post is brought to you by my college intern, Erica Graphman! Take it away, Erica!

It’s been one of those “Well I didn’t see that one coming” weeks. Not in a horrible way, but an interesting one. It all started with the weather. I didn’t expect the two warm days, and after those two days I didn’t expect the snow I woke up to Wednesday morning.


Living in North Manchester these past two and a half years I still haven’t learned to get used to the rapidly changing weather and the massive amounts of snow. I know that the weather is like this all over the Midwest, but being farther north than where I live in central Indiana has a pretty noticeable difference. It’s just never been easy going from one 50 some-odd degree day where I can run outside to there being a couple of inches of snow on the ground when I wake up the next morning.


Besides the weather changes, I had a pretty good surprise in the Sherlock Holmes novel I finished on Wednesday. I don’t know if any of you have ever read The Valley of Fear, but wow! That was a shocker. I literally said, out loud while I was sitting at a lunch table with five other people, “Holy cow! I didn’t see that coming!” Needless to say, they all laughed at me. It’s been awhile since a book has done that for me.


Despite the business of the week before spring break, the weather, the library being closed for the rest of the week because of a water main break, and the end of a great Sherlock novel, I really enjoyed this week. Especially after a meeting (which I didn’t expect to last as long as it did) with a great group of people. It’s really nice knowing you have a couple people who will always show up to support you when  you’re in a leadership role and you’re not completely sure what you’re doing. I think this week has shown me that I need to pay more attention to that saying about surprises. “Always expect the unexpected.”



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