This recording is a raw recording/first draft (no editing, splicing, etc.), one time through, of Karla Akins playing and singing the  “Father’s Right Hand” for the purpose of sharing the melody with prospective publishers and editors.

It is not intended for public use.

Musical score available upon request.

The Father’s Right Hand

A Story-song for Children and their Parents

Walking in the woods with my daddy,

He held me by his right hand

Up slippery hills, wet leaves beneath my feet

Daddy held on so I could stand.

My hand was too tiny and weak to hold on

I leaned on my father’s strength

He never let go

He held me fast

Even when I could not hang on to him.

Walking through trials with my Daddy

Abba holds me by His Right Hand

The same hand that placed the stars in the sky

Holds mine and me when I cry.

Fear not, I will help you

Thus says the Lord of hosts.

Nothing can snatch you

Out of my hand

I will help you stand!

When my hand is tired

Too weak to hold on

I lean on my Father’s strength.

He will never let go

He holds me fast

Even when I cannot hang on to Him.