[one_third]karlabook1[/one_third][two_third_last]O Canada! Her Story takes you on a grand tour of Canada through the ages. Historical narratives and biographies tell her story in a creative and lively way that draws the reader in, grabbing his or her attention from the start. Learn about the people who dwelt in this land before the Europeans arrived, the Vikings who discovered and temporarily settled this territory, the immigration and emigration of various people groups, the heroes who have shaped the face of this nation and the people who adore their beloved homeland. Read More
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What Readers Are Saying

“While as a historian I have long appreciated the story of Sacagawea, I’m not sure I ever really “knew” her – until I read Sacagawea by Karla Akins! This beautiful novel, with its balanced use of adjectives and historical points, paints a color portrait of a woman that most of us have only seen in black and white. For home or school, I highly recommend this enriching “work of art” by Karla Akins.” – Linda Lacour Hobar, author of The Mystery of History

Sacagawea is the complete 16 chapter riveting historical account of Sacagawea and the events surrounding the Lewis and Clark discovery of the west.

An intimate look into the life of Sacagawea, this interactive “living book” provides an unforgettable historical experience for students and adults alike. With emotional and factual honesty, the first person narrative brings into focus the truth about the life of the most beloved woman in American history.

“Karla Akins has done a wonderful job of making Sacajawea, one of our country’s most mysterious historical characters, a thinking and feeling person between the covers of her new novel. Full of excitement, adventure and fascinating characters, I couldn’t put it down myself!” – Melanie Young, author of Raising Real Men