Pray for Isaiah today


Isaiah with his special education teacher who comes by to help him with school work he’s missed. Jake, the wonder dog, is supervising.

Today my son, Isaiah, is having surgery to have his gall bladder removed. He has been out of school since October due to chronic diarrhea and nausea and vomiting.

All tests say nothing is wrong with him. The only thing they can find is a little sludge in his gall bladder.

So it’s coming out.


Can you pray with me and believe that he will be at peace? Anxiety is high in people with autism. And even though Isaiah is 19, he functions at about a nine-year-old level as he also has developmental delays.

Thanks for the prayers!


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  1. Yes! Absolutely! Am praying now… have friends with autism and understand the anxiety for the adults (a bit) too. Peace for you as well.

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