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  1. 1: Don’t miss the boat. (in real life, there is another boat (if you’re talking about transportation))

    7: The vast majority of people will not hurt you, no real need to travel in pairs.

    9: Makes no sense

    10: I would never trust an amateur to do a professional’s job. Would you build your own house? Would you build your own car? Design your own computer (hardware and software)?

    11.a: God, as you imagine, only exists in your mind.
    11.b: Rainbows are phenomena of “white” light which is reflected, refracted, and scattered.

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      Hi again, Shilvio!

      Yes, I’d actually try to build my own house if I needed to. However, when it comes to cars? I’d be useless. Same with computers.

      As for God being in my imagination, I can definitely say I know that’s simply not true.

      Have you ever read the Bible? Prayed? Give it a try and get back to me.

      Psalm 14:1a says:
      “The fool says in his heart, ‘There is no God.'”

      In my experience, most people who believe God is imaginary have never bothered to read the Bible and ask questions about it. I’d love to have a conversation with you after you read it.

      1. I didn’t notice that you responded.

        Is there any way that you can test your god hypothesis? If there’s evidence of it, I’d be important information to have. It would also be able to be actively be applied to make real [tangible] progress in every field of study. Maybe specifically, anthropology which has found no direct evidence of the claims made in the bible.The majority of positive claims are not made by experts in any respect.If you want to have a discussion with anthropologists on the subject, I can give you a list of scholars who have spent their professional life devoted to the study of the Mesopotamian peninsula.

        FTR, I’ve been through that collection already and am working on it’s sequel, the koran, after I finish the trilogy, I plan on moving on to some of it’s more contemporary editions, BOM and some others.

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