When parents of disabled children kill

I’m not condoning her actions. But I understand what it’s like to lose hope. It’s the worst feeling in the world. You can’t think straight after being pummeled by your child day in and day out with no end in sight. There just isn’t enough support for parents in this country. We love our children. We love having them with us in our home. But where is the support?

School is not enough.

Christmas Eve traditions

Our family is weird. But tradition is tradition and when you live with autism, you cling to a tradition that works like Velcro. Here’s what we’re doing today (although, I admit I’m limited today due to my surgery recovery): Frantically cleaning every corner and wrapping every forgotten gift we can find. I usually cook all day but that won’t happen …

Autism, Christmas and Miracles

  Source: Facebook I am home from the hospital recovering from surgery and I am not a very good patient. I whine, cry, moan and throw little fits. In my defense, I am allergic to most pain medications. They make me so nauseous and dizzy I simply can’t take them. I’ve been dealing with recovering from a major surgery while …