Humans acting badly


Sometimes, humans really make me ashamed to be one of them.

Not that I’m faulting God in His Creation. I know He intended for us to reflect His glory. And when we do, it’s breathtaking. And someday, we will on a consistent basis.

But for now? For now, the future of humanity looks dim. Perhaps that why Jesus said, “And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect’s sake those days shall be shortened” Matthew 24:22.


I know it’s good that I’m uncomfortable living on earth. Earth is not my home. It’s not as real as the next dimension I’ll dwell in for eternity. Still, Jesus commands us to love our neighbor as ourselves. From the looks of things, people aren’t loving themselves much because being kind and neighborly is clearly out of fashion.

When the PEZ candy company hosted its annual egg hunt for Easter this year, it turned out to be a very bad idea:

I’ve never been fond of egg hunts. I’m a bit leery of the pagan connection. But, this is America, and egg hunts are as traditional as apple pie. (Our church children’s department does hold one but stresses that we look for the eggs as Jesus looks for us as His lost lambs. I suppose that’s tweaking the pagan practice to fit the pagan rituals much like the Catholic church did in the middle ages. When you live in a pluralistic society, this happens.)

But back to the behavior of those parents at the egg hunt. This is the future, ladies and gentlemen. And if the children grow up to mimic their parents, it’s looking a little bleak.

Come quickly, Lord Jesus! I don’t want my grandchildren to grow up in such a selfish world.

Which is why it’s more important than ever to spread the message of the kindness of Christ and His love. As His followers, it’s absolutely vital that we exhibit the fruits of the Spirit:


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How about you? Do you long for the return of Christ? Are you doing your part by walking in love? Weigh in!

Recipe of the week: Melba’s Butternut Balls — a recipe from the 1970s

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This Week’s Recipe: Melba’s Butternut Balls

TeaCakesThese delectable, melt-in-your mouth cookies are also known in different varieties as Snowballs, Mexican Wedding cookies, Russian Tea Cakes, Christmas Butter Cookies, Rum Balls (without the rum), Almond Butter Balls (if you use almonds), Pecan Butter Balls (if you use pecans), Peppermint balls (if you use crushed up candy canes) and more.


Whatever the name, they are easy to make, delicious and a joy to package up as gifts because they’re so pretty. They’re the perfect cookie to serve with coffee, hot cocoa or a steaming pot of tea.

nut gems 013 edited

I learned how to make these cookies from a recipe in my childhood church’s Christmas recipe book entitled, Christmas Family Favorites. I’m not sure how I ended up still having it, but I think the copy I have was my grandmother’s because I don’t think my Mom would have given me hers. However I acquired it, I’m thrilled to still have it more than 40 years later! (I’m pretty sure it was published sometime in the 70s.) As you can see, it is well-worn and stained. Probably from when I used it as a kid!


It was a primitive assemblage, held together with two small plastic rings. But it’s chock-full of my favorite childhood recipes. I very well may have learned to bake out of this little booklet.


Each recipe is neatly typed and signed by the person who submitted it. I enjoy flipping through the names and remembering the lovely women of the church who mentored me when I was young. In future posts I’ll share several more of my top favorite recipes from the book. As a young baker, I made them over and over again.


And now, the recipe for:

“Melba’s Butternut Balls”


1 cup soft butter

1/2 cup sifted confectioner’s sugar

2 cups sifted flour

1/2 teaspoon salt

2 teaspoons vanilla

1 cup finely chopped nuts


Cream butter and sugar in medium mixing bowl, add salt, vanilla, flour and nuts, mixing well. Shape dough into 1 inch balls. Place on ungreased cookie sheet. Bake at 375 degrees for 12-14 minutes. Roll in 1/4 cup confectioners sugar while warm. Cool, then roll again.

Variations: add different types of nuts for different flavors. You may also add crushed candy canes for a delicious, Christmassy, peppermint flavor.

I usually double the recipe because the cookies are small and I like to give full bags or tins of them as gifts.

You can find a paleo/low-carb version of this recipe from my favorite no-wheat flour source here: Mexican Wedding Cookies

Have you ever made these before? What’s your variation? Have you ever eaten them? What does your family call them?


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Happy Thanksgiving!

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Tonight we’re having our family feast. But this morning I’m going to the high school to the twins’ Life Skills Class for a pre-feast! Their special education teacher is amazing and the class puts on quite a spread. She goes way above and beyond. Before I leave to go this morning I’ll put my own turkey in the roaster.


The rolls are made, all the pies and the Cherry Fluff.  The green beans are ready to go. I wanted to get more done yesterday but I’m fighting some sort of sore throat thing again and just didn’t have the energy. So today I’ll finish up the corn pudding, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes and gravy and stuffing. Yes, this is a carb-filled feast. Oh. Yum.

pic novemberThis year is very special because I’ll have all my sons at the table for the first time in almost three years. I’ll also have four granddaughters and some friends. And while most people will be enjoying their feast on Thursday, I’ll probably be sleeping.


Food is a funny thing. I’ve noticed that it puts all the men in my life in a great mood when I’m in the kitchen cooking. I get more hugs and kisses. Whether we like it or not, we humans do equate food with love.

foodequalsloveAnd I’m grateful on this Thanksgiving to have so much of both, aren’t you?

Have A Doggone Happy Thanksgiving

What are your family’s favorite dishes at Thanksgiving? What kind of stuffing do you serve? Corn bread, oyster, or traditional? Weigh in!

And have a doggone Happy Thanksgiving!

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F is for Food

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April Fools Day

thI don’t care for pranks as a rule. However, I admit to being party to a few. But I can honestly count on one hand the number of high jinks I’ve participated in.

The worst prank played on my husband and I was when so-called friends put Vaseline all over our van’s door latches. I had my arms full of young twins and Eddie’s hands were full carrying stuff. It was late. We were tired. We didn’t find it funny.

vaseline-781187The Bible has a lot to say about fools. There are at least 93 scriptures referring to the fool. You can read them here: What does the bible say about fool?

I’m sure the movie I went to see last night, entitled Noah, is a big April fool’s joke. Yeah. Has to be. Only explanation.

In fact, I’m thinking Obamacare and my taxes are an April Fool’s joke, too.

Whew. Good thing I figured that out before I paid them!


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The war on Christmas giveaway!

I’m very excited to be part of the #waronchristmas book blog tour. The War on Christmas by Bodie Hodge is an excellent resource book for every  Christian Sunday School teacher, pastor, and parent.

The two chapters I’m assigned to review are Chapter 6: “Timeline of Events Surrounding Christ’s Birth” and Chapter 7: “Making the Christmas Sermon Relevant for Today’s Culture.”

These were great chapters for me to have since I’m a historian and a pastor (and a pastor’s wife). I slurped them up with great enthusiasm and will be keeping this book among my collection of Christmas books. I know I’ll be reaching for it often as I teach all ages about this wonderful story of Christ.


In Chapter 6, we travel back through time to immediately after Jesus’ birth. We stop at circa 4 B.C., eight days, 41 days after the birth,  and the time during Christ’s first year of life on earth to early 3 B.C. There is a brief discussion of the magi and Christ’s family returning to Bethlehem from Egypt after King Herod’s death. These little tidbits of trivia are great for including in your next advent presentation.

In Chapter 7, the writer encourages pastors and teachers to share the message of Christ via the story of Genesis, the fallen state of man, and the issues of sin and death. Today’s culture touts a faulty view of God. If those listening will hear that God is the maker of all things good (he did not declare sin to be good or part of his creation), it would help them develop an accurate picture of God and one very different from the world’s secular view of Him.

The foundation of the birth of Christ is found in Genesis. From Genesis 3:15 God had a plan to reconcile us to Him. In Genesis 26:4, Christ is a descendant of Jacob. It is in Genesis that the Christmas season begins.

The author of this book believes that people don’t listen to the Good News because they don’t understand the bad news. If people know why they need Jesus, they will understand their need for Him.

What do you  think of his point of view? Leave a comment below and I’ll enter your name in a drawing to win your very own copy of The War on Christmas: Battles in Faith, Tradition, and Religious Expression plus a free t-shirt! Giveaway ends December 10.

Christmas widgets!

I love widgets. Yes, I know, they are kind of tacky sometimes. But isn’t it fun to be a little tacky and little lampoon-Christmas-lights-crazy at this time of year?

Here are some fun Christmas goodies for your online celebrations. The hard part is picking only one!


Christmas countdown widget (if someone knows how to help me make this smaller, please let us know in the comments below. I did put smaller dimensions in the code but it’s not transferring, thanks!):

How about your blog’s own Christmas tree?

Another countdown theme:

Here, have a yule log:ku-xlarge

Or another Christmas widget:

If you love pets and especially cats, you will want to check out this adorable site where a kitty teaches you how to set up and maintain your Christmas tree (Lilybits will love this one!):


Another adorable countdown:

Days until Christmas: