Autism, Christmas and Miracles

  Source: Facebook I am home from the hospital recovering from surgery and I am not a very good patient. I whine, cry, moan and throw little fits. In my defense, I am allergic to most pain medications. They make me so nauseous and dizzy I simply can’t take them. I’ve been dealing with recovering from a major surgery while …

V is for Venice

I’m writing a book about Marco Polo for middle grades, so naturally I’m also learning a lot about Venice, a place I long to visit. Here are some awesome shots of the Grand Canal that runs through the middle of the city. Venice is called the “City of Romance” so it sees a lot of out-of-town weddings! It’s also called …

U is for Ubiquitarianism

Hello, my name is Karla Akins and I am a proponent of Ubiquitarianism. No, I didn’t just sneeze. But thanks for the “bless you.” Generally, those who are Ubiquitarianists (or Ubiquitists) believe that Christ is present everywhere. But throughout history there are some pretty confusing doctrinal off-shoots dealing with whether or not He is with us everywhere in human flesh …

S is for Steamboats

In the 1800s only the high-paying customers got a nice room on the upper decks of the steamboat on major United States rivers. Regular folks had to board with the animals and cargo. And from the diaries and letters I’ve read from the era, the aromas that emanated from these quarters made for a miserable trip.

Introducing pre-published author, Tom Threadgill!

When I first read Tom’s work, I was blown away by his talent. When you read his book, you’ll see why. His writing is seamless and spell-binding. Usually when I read a break-out author’s first work, I find myself editing. When I read Tom’s, I got caught up in the story. It gave me the creeps. And that’s a good thing, because he write creepy Christian fiction! I see big things in this man’s future!

R is for Rain

My favorite sound in the world is rain. Sprinkle in a tiny bit of thunder, and I’m in moody heaven. Rain helps me think. Rain makes me want to curl up with a blanket and a book and read. Some people listen to Pandora while they work. And I do, too, sometimes. But my favorite go-to sound for drowning out …

It’s a Holly Jolly Blog Hop!

Don’t know what to post for a Christmas blog hop? Here are some ideas:

Post anything at all to do with Christmas! ANYTHING!
This is a great way to post easy-to-think-of topics during the very busy holiday. You can plan weeks ahead!
Include pictures of Christmases past, or present. What are you doing to decorate? Where are you going? What festivities are you planning? Church activities?

The meme starts THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 21 and ends WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 25.