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As I wrote in a previous post, I was a fan of Scott Woltor’s research long before his new TV show, America Unearthed. I’ve been fascinated with ancient North American artifacts for years.

Woltor’s research is controversial. And as a born again Christian, a follower of Jesus Christ, I certainly don’t agree with all of his conclusions. Woltor doesn’t believe in the Jesus Christ I do. But does that mean I throw all of his expertise out the window? Of course not. When Daniel was in Babylon he studied academics of the Babylonian courts. Moses was educated in all the ways of the Egyptians. Likewise, I keep my eyes and ears open to experts while weighing their knowledge with the Word of God.


Regarding the Hooked X, Woltor believes it’s a symbol of the divine (Jesus) marrying Mary Magdeline and bearing a daughter. I will argue my reasons for not believing this in a future post. For now, let’s explore this intriguing Hooked X.

This significant symbol was even used by Columbus in his signature:



Why would Columbus use a hooked X in his signature?

It’s compelling that Woltor points out that the crosses on Columbus’s ships’ sails were Templar crosses.


Santa María ship model displayed in Fort San Cristóbal, San Juan, Puerto Rico.

The Templars are believed to be the ones who carved the hooked X into the Kensington Rune Stone.


Woltor theorizes that the Templars accompanied by Cistercian monks brought the Holy Grail, perhaps even the Ark of the Covenant, to the United States. Just exactly what that Holy Grail was is debated. Was it gold? Some other type of treasure? A secret knowledge? The supposed descendants of Jesus Christ? Were they looking to start a New Jerusalem here?  If we don’t believe that Jesus had a daughter (and I don’t) is it true the Templars believed this? So many delectable questions!

Here’s a short lecture from Scott Woltor from four years ago:

 Because ancient symbolism denoted gender by triangles, Wolter explains in other lectures that an upwards facing triangle stands for the male “aspect of the universe” and a downwards facing triangle the female aspect. Since the letter X depicts both, the top half is the feminine half and the smaller one–the hook–denotes a daughter. Therefore he believes that the Hooked X is what the Templars saw as a “New Trinity:” Father, Mother, Daughter–Jesus, Mary Magdalene, and Sarah, the daughter.


If you know much about biblical history, you’ll understand that this theory isn’t new. The Gnostics also believed this and believe it today.

For me, the Hooked X is a reminder that we need to be knowledgeable enough in the Word of God and sound enough in our doctrine to be able to argue intellectually what it is we believe and why. I am not afraid of such doctrines nor threatened by them because I am secure in my belief and knowledge.


Tweet this: I keep my eyes and ears open to experts while weighing their knowledge with the Word of God.


What say you? Does it offend you that I study the Hooked X and its implications? As a Christian should I stay away from such mysteries? Or should Christians be able to discern sound doctrine and be able to argue effectively against false teachings?


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  1. Doesn’t bother me at all because I know that you’ll test everything against Scripture! I’ve watched Scott Woltor’s show a few times, but don’t buy into much of what he says. It is entertaining though! I’m addicted to “Ancient Aliens” though. Just plain fun to watch.

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  2. It’s good to research and become educated.It is also good to have the wisdom and understanding to put that information to use in God-honoring ways. Some people I know research issues on-line and decide they will now believe that way, therefore dropping all their former beliefs. Seems rather extreme to me, but it is their choice.

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  3. Absolutely fascinating stuff! I’d never heard of the hooked x. And you are wise to learn about “the world,” so you can combat its false teachings! Thanks for this post!

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      False teachings are rampant and as I read more about this “ancient feminine” movement, I’m taken back to Revelation to study it more about what it has to say about it. Thanks for reading, Joanne!

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      It’s fascinating but it also makes me sad that those who ignore faith and spirituality don’t have eyes to see. It’s my hope to reveal that side of the world to those who are searching! Those who don’t search may never see. And that makes me saddest of all.

      1. Interesting reading. Truth is often barried deep and one must dig deep to find it. The hooked X is, at present, an enigma which certainly deserves further research. It may or may not be a clue to so many of the mysteries surrounding the Templars, early life in North America and biblical history. As far as Jesus is concerned, it has little impact on the teachings he gave us. It would have an impact on those who seek control through his name. We would do well to focus on his teachings and in doing so discover more valuable truths than the history the hooked X may uncover.

  4. When you “hunger and thirst after righteousness” the foundation protects you from false teachings, and when you share them the red flag appears as a warning for us to do the same. Fascinating information. Thank you!

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      Such a good point, Nancy. I am constantly praying as I read other philosophies, “Lord, reveal YOUR TRUTH to me, and let me discern it.” I do so hunger for righteousness!

  5. It absolutely does not bother me. Jesus listened to everyone and evaluated according to His relationship to His father. You are doing as He did. We should never be afraid of information. Great post – very intriguing!

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      Thanks for reading, Linda and writing! I agree that God doesn’t expect us to have stupid faith nor even blind faith. He is the Most Intelligent Being and He gave us a brain to discern and learn things. I want to learn the TRUTH of this world!

  6. Scott connection with the Templars is strong and connection Of Mary Magdalene of Dan Browns Book is part of deception to take the Divine out of Jesus . The weak minded and faith he deception could be real but far from Truth and Truth will set us free. Karla keep your armor on the battle is on going.

  7. I do believe that if God did not want us to know anything more of himself than we would not have fallen upon the Dead Sea Scrolls. Why do we all find it so hard to believe that Jesus could have loved or been in love? I am not saying that any of this is true but if he came to us as a man and felt everything we felt as humans than why leave out love between a man and a woman.

    A couple of thoughts here: Why of all people was Mary Magnaline the one he appeared to FIRST when he rose from the dead? His first miracle was turning water into wine at a wedding………could it have been his own? The scriptures mention a disciple in whom Jesus loved. These are things that have been going through my mind and I love Jesus regardless of weather any of this is true or not. If anyone deserves love in this world after all he gave it would be Jesus. Let us not forget that he came as a human and yet was divine. He IS love …………… just saying why is it so unrealistic that he could not have been in love?

    Remember the scriptures also mention the wedding feast and he calls his believers or chosen ones, (the bride of Christ)! It would make sense to me that even though his spirit lives in those of us who believe and have accepted him, that their COULD be a bloodline that would carry on and on until the end days. Abraham was told that his decendants were as many as the stars in the heavens. Sara………..when told she would bear a child…………….(laughed) at the idea. NOTHING is to hard for God.

    Just love him if you do and seek his divine truth in all things but if their was more for us to know…………..this would surely be the hour to have it revealed for us who have our hearts and minds open and our lamps lit!


    Keyna Darling

    1. That was beautifully said. Why would a man made of pure love, preaching nothing but love and understanding not participate himself as a human. I guess when the religious establishments decided on there new world ideology where men ruled over every part of the human existence, it behooved them to remove any idea that a women could have been closer to Christ then they. If I’m not mistaken, one of the disciples had questioned Jesus for passing his teachings to Mary to begin with.

  8. I’m curious. does Jesus having a child change anything about his message. And where in the scriptures does it state that somehow Jesus by order of God was precluded from doing so. And how, if we factually don’t have all the scriptures passed on to us from Christ , how do we know we havethe whole truth. Remember. Neither God nor Jesus had any hand in determining what we today see as God’s word. MEN HUNGRY FOR POWER DID.

  9. There is no “sacred bloodline”. Any and all claimants did, and do so, for smoking of divine right to rule. Bloodlines that tried to keep this junk idea alive found, and still find, the hard way, that nature loves diversity. To tight the bloodline, leads to defects. Worse as the generations move on. There was no baby for Jesus and MM. It’s a silly mess. The hooked X has something more to do with an “insider’s” knowledge to ….

  10. There is no “sacred bloodline”. Any and all claimants did, and do so, for claiming the divine right to rule. Bloodlines that tried to keep this junk idea alive found, and still find, the hard way, that nature loves diversity. To tight the bloodline, leads to defects. Worse as the generations move on. There was no baby for Jesus and MM. It’s a silly mess. The hooked X has something more to do with an “insider’s” knowledge to ….

  11. Th hooked X derives from the letters of the Easter dialog,these ancient letters were first discovered chipped in stone,well the artist slipped chipping the X and left it that way and only significance is he was clumsy.Down the generations the hoed X has taken many ways from Jesus to the Templar’s took as there own,they tried the hooked T but never caught on in France so they adopted the only hooked letter ,the hooked Q was in the wrong direction and the capital J was orgionaly at half mast and the prince of France took offense to that and had the hook put at the top so they couldn’t use that one either.Now you know the rest of the story.

  12. I am just curious to where your research has brought you in regards to the hooked X. I do not believe in Scott’s theory myself. One of his strategies at one point had mentioned about the Templors leaving Jerusalem once they had found something (believed to be the Holy Grail). King Salomon was invaded by Arabia around the year 900 BCE, what they found would never have been about Jesus’s blood line. On the other hand, before the decade 520 – 530 AD the foundation to the Roman Catholic Bible was the belief in Reincarnation. This belief stems back for thousands of years in many cultures. It was Justinian that re-instated about 160 banished monks from the cities of the Roman Empire and had them re-write the Bible making Jesus and Mary divine. Just a hypothesis, it would make more sense that the ancient Sun worship resembling the top and bottom of the X as the sun rise and sun set. The hook would represent as there will always be a tomorrow, our spirit will be reassigned to another body for judgement. Much of what was found in Solomon’s Temple were scrolls from Egypt, Egyptians worshiped the sun.

  13. I’m interested in finding out if the Hooked X was ever mirrored to the opposite, instead of on the right hand side of the X, can it be found on the Left Hand Side ? In other words, can the Hook be on the left Bar of the X….The reason I ask this is because I found one.

  14. I found a couple of prehistoric beaver teeth this summer and one has a very distinct hooked X. The other has what appears to be another marking that by a small stretch of the imagination appears to be a Viking Compass symbol, or another variant of the X leaning toward wicca, or the female gender…( the markings are a bit obscure. These are Ice Age Beaver teeth. Long dead when the vikings came, that strange technology of embossing stone through a softening process……., there’s that X, with a right upper hook. I’m stuck in the Younger Dryas, and a Beaver Tooth with a Hooked X falls into my hand. No kidding, “two or three days later the other Beaver Tooth found its way onto my shovel. Forensic Geology ROCKS when the spirit is with you.

  15. I dont understand where everyone is so keen on saying Jesus did or did not have a bloodline.
    If our Jesus son of our God did or did not have a bloodline ether way i myself still believe he is my king and my heart. So to me it dose not matter because i still believe in my Jesus is the son of my God.

  16. There nothing wrong with finding Truth or Facts about History. I do believe Truth of our past was some what hidden, destroyed or altered.
    I say keep pressing on

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