What’s on your writing desk, Roberta C. M. DeCaprio?

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Today I’m pleased to introduce you to fellow writer, Roberta C. M. DeCaprio. Roberta is a prolific writer and (BONUS!) married to a screenwriter. I’d like to invite Roberta back sometime and find out what it’s like having two writers in the house!  Roberta has a lovely blog and website here.

Check out her cozy writing space:

Roberta in her office

K: Tell me about your writing space, Roberta!

R: My writing space is a back bedroom, which once housed my children’s toy room when they were small. At one time it also served as a step-child’s bedroom, a foster child’s bedroom, and a friend’s bedroom who needed sanctuary while going through a divorce. The walls hold the history of my thirty-seven years owning my home, as well as many memories….and has become a perfect place to write my stories.

K: How much time do you spend there?

R: I spend anywhere from three to five hours a day in my writing den….answering email, promoting my books, doing research, writing historical and paranormal romance, and on down times, playing Sims 3 game.

K: Sims is such a fun game! I’ll have to check out Sims 3. How’s your writing space set up?

R: My writing den is furnished with a desk I inherited from a beloved uncle….atop it sits my computer and a hurricane-type lamp that once sat on my grandmother’s vanity. My father’s old Remington typewriter is not far away on a filing cabinet, which he used to create his own poems, short stories, and song lyrics. Many pictures of beloved pets no longer with me adorn the walls, as well as an oil painting done by my husband. A book hutch holds my favorite books by such authors as Diana Gabaldon, Karen Marie Moning, and the late Kathleen E. Woodiwiss, whose A ROSE IN WINTER inspired me to write my first historical (and book one of my BETWEEN THE RIFLE AND THE SPEAR series) entitled THE GOLDEN LADY (The Wild Rose Press). Shelves hold my Barbie doll collection, and an artificial fireplace puts a warm glow to the room when I’m hammering away on my computer keyboard on winter days, munching now and then on chocolate I always have handy.

K: What a special place! And to have so many things that mean so much to you surrounding you, it must feel very nurturing and safe. I love the idea of having an old typewriter nearby. I am keeping my eye open for one myself. What are you working on now?

R: My latest work in progress is the sixth book in my historical series, BETWEEN THE RIFLE AND THE SPEAR, and is entitled THE LAST BLOOM.

K: Thank you so much for sharing your charming space with us, Roberta! It seems to be a very intimate and comforting place. Quite lovely, don’t you agree readers?

Where in the world do you write-

More about Roberta:

Roberta C.M. DeCaprio is a published author in the genre of paranormal and historical romance, as well as mainstream fiction. A prior “sexuality” columnist for A.B.L.E.D. WOMEN magazine, and former Assistant Editor for INDEPENDENCE TODAY  newspaper, (both publications dedicated to the needs and rights of the disabled), Roberta has insight into the problems other physically challenged  people face due to living herself with a walking impairment.

She is the author of ONCE UPON A SONNET, a self-published book of poems, and has won awards for her poetry, becoming published in several anthologies. Her first paranormal romantic suspense, entitled COMA COAST was released October 1st, 2006 published by Wings Press. The sequel, entitled THE VANITY, a paranormal romantic thriller, was released August 1st, 2007, also by Wings. Roberta’s romantic fantasy, entitled A RIVER OF ORANGE, published by The Wild Rose Press, was released February 1st, 2008. A historical romance entitled THE GOLDEN LADY, (Book one in the BETWEEN THE RIFLE AND THE SPEAR series) was released September 11th, 2009 also from The Wild Rose Press and book two, entitled ONE PERFECT FLOWER was released July 6th, 2010. Book three, A ROSE IN AMBER, was released July 8th, 2011. Book four, BORN OF PROUD BLOOD, was released November of 2012.


Book five, RETURN TO WILLOW CREEK, was released September of 2014. Her newest mainstream paranormal was released into second edition printing, October, 2010 from The Z Group/ZLS Publishers and is entitled, AN ALTERED JOURNEY.

Roberta is a graduate of the Writers Digest School and Cornell Cooperative Extension. During the years she was a member of the Romance Writers of America, she held office from 2002 to 2004 as newsletter editor for Capital Region, her local chapter of RWA, interviewing such published authors as Elaine Raco-Chase, Valerie Hansen, Barbara Daly, Sue-Ellen Welfonder, Mary J. Forbes, Sharron McClellan, Mariah LeGrand and the late Kathleen E. Woodiwiss for the former monthly publication, Capital Romance.

Currently she is a member of the Upstate Independents in Albany, NY and is collaborating with her screenwriter husband on such projects as a 24 HOUR FILM RACE CONTEST and a sit-com for network television.

A mother, and grandmother of two, Roberta shares her upstate N.Y. home with many dearly loved pets and her artist/screenwriter husband.

To view Roberta’s backlist and read excerpts from her books log on to: www.robertacmdecaprio.com.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/roberta.c.decaprio




Click here to read excerpts or order books: – www.robertacmdecaprio.com or Roberta’s blog at: www.thewordmerchantssociety.blogspot.com


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  1. I used to write in a spare bedroom too, complete with single bed, treadmill and a host of other items.

    Sometimes found it comforting and sometimes distracting to have so much stuff around.

    Good luck and God’s blessings to you!

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