August’s Brilliant Blog Award Winner

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Oops. I goofed. I completely missed the Brilliant Blog Award for August, didn’t I?

Chalk it up to being overwhelmed with student teaching. For that I apologize.

My oversight in no way reflects how much I love August’s winner: Walking Healed by Shelley Willburn!


I love Shelley Wilburn’s blog for so many reasons. Yes, I know, she’s a colleague and a dear friend, but seriously, this woman’s enthusiasm and willingness to be passionately transparent always draws me in. Watching her grow as a writer over the years has been so inspiring. I love her fearless yearning to obey Jesus and follow Him!

Be sure to check out this lady of the mis-matched socks. You’re going to be inspired by her life and healing!

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Please tweet: Congratulations, Shelley Willburn! Your blog is brilliant!

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