Writing Coach

1. A commitment to the payment process is due before the work begins. Clients may pay the full fee in a lump sum or break it up as outlined in each package description using my recurring payment system through PayPal.

2. Payments are not refundable. This is because it’s too easy let creativity take a back seat to more immediate tasks. By prioritizing these sessions with your finances, you will give them a front seat in your life. Therefore, once you begin, you are committing to pay for it in full.

3. Yes, you may pay for one session at a time on an “as needed basis” but the fees are higher when purchased independently. However, this may be all that some need or prefer. And that’s okay.

3. Forty-eight hours notice is required to re-book a session, otherwise the session will be skipped. Sessions must be re-booked within the same week. No refunds for missed sessions.

4. There is a $50 processing fee for insufficient funds.

The following general price list is subject to change. I will quote you a price when we are in communication with each other.

Skype Tutoring:

$20/30 min.


Five 30-minute sessions paid up-front: $85.00

Five one-hour sessions paid up-front: $125.00

Additional fees: for editing/commenting inside manuscript along with tutoring: $4/250 words (usually one page, double spaced)

Editing/commenting in a manuscript without skype tutoring:

$5/250 words (usually one page, double spaced)

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