Blogging from a bookstore

So this is a first for me.

I’m blogging from Barnes and Noble with a delicious lemonade passion tea drink and cheese soup to keep me nourished.


I’m experimenting. I originally intended to go to the “big city” library since I came to the “big city” (Fort Wayne) (let’s face it, any population with more than one grocery store is a big city compared to where I live). I had to come today to get my teeth cleaned. And since there is no bookstore or cafe in town where I can be anonymous (I don’t need my neighbors thinking all I do all day is hang out at cafes and “play on the computer” which is what most people assume I do when I’m writing), I thought I’d pop in to the mall to get some writing done.

But back to getting my teeth cleaned.

Bad idea.

If you can, avoid it at all cost.

Because cost is exactly what’s in store once they go in there and look around.

I left learning that I have a mere $10,000+ worth of work needed to make my mouth “right” again. Uhm, unless I get a best-seller in the next year or so, that ain’t gonna happen. I don’t have dental insurance and I’m still paying for work I had done over a year ago. So nope. Besides, braces at my age is kind of silly, isn’t it?


(The caption on this photo was “ugly old woman” but I think she’s adorable.)

If you have good strong teeth, be thankful.

Anyway, back to blogging from the bookstore/writing at the bookstore.  So I came to the mall, thinking I’d have, oh, four hours or so to write. And, I surmised, nestling in with so many best-selling books might just inspire me.

But I forgot how easily distracted I am.


A pair of new sandals and two hours later I’m finally settling in. Will the background noise keep me busy or distracted? I’m not sure. I’m a people watcher and intensely curious. May not get much accomplished.


But the tea’s good. And the soup.

How about you? Do you like writing from a bookstore? Library? What do you enjoy more–tea or soup?

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