Do you ever write naked?

I saw a poster the other day with some of these questions and thought it would be funny in a sort of Tom Threadgill sort of way to answer them, so here goes:   Do you ever write naked? Only in the bathtub. I’ve gotten some great ideas for songs there as well as worked out some difficult scenes in …

Write like your hair’s on fire and a FREE writer’s planner!

“I’ve always wanted to write a book.” When someone learns I’m a writer, that is nearly always the response. I think everyone wants to be a writer. It’s an American thing, isn’t it? But what makes the difference between someone who wants to be and someone who is? Hard work. Maybe they’ve never gotten organized enough to write. Maybe they …

A Christmas Giving Giveaway as I Introduce author Candice Sue Patterson

In a way, I feel like I lived this story. I’d written the first few chapters when our family was hit with something extremely difficult. I had to remind myself of the very things I was teaching my characters. Then during first edits with my publisher, my dad had a severe stroke at the age of fifty-five, just like Dean’s dad. Again, I had to remind myself that God’s plan is a perfect plan whether I understand it or not.

S is for Steamboats

In the 1800s only the high-paying customers got a nice room on the upper decks of the steamboat on major United States rivers. Regular folks had to board with the animals and cargo. And from the diaries and letters I’ve read from the era, the aromas that emanated from these quarters made for a miserable trip.

Bronner’s part 2: The Joy of Christmas Decorations

Last week I posted about my trip to Frankenmuth, Michigan to Bronner’s. I promised to share what we bought there back in 2007 to commemorate our 25th wedding anniversary. (We were married Dec. 3, 1982.) We had such fun shopping for our silver anniversary. I wish my pictures were better. My camera wasn’t working and I took these with my …