Do you have an award-worthy blog?


I love blogs. I read a lot of them, but there are only a few I dare spend precious time on. I’m rather picky. If I read your blog regularly, rest assured it’s a good one. A really good one.

This year, I’m going to share my favorites with my readers. Each month I will choose one blog in a different category. For instance, I may choose one blog in the writing category and another blog in a homeschool category. I will not choose one in every category. I don’t have enough time! I created different categories in order for there to be more chances for people to win the big yearly award in December.

Brilliant Blog Award (2)

Here are the categories I have so far. If you think of any, please leave them in the comments:


Book Review





Spiritual/Inspiration/Bible Study (Christian)









Special Needs Children

Of course, as I discover blogs, they very well could open up a new category. Since it’s my contest, I can do that.

Winners will be given the code to place a button in their side bar. 🙂 I haven’t settled yet on the design. Do you like the one above or this one? Let me know that, too! (I actually have another one in mind but it wasn’t ready to post yet.)


If you have a blog that you believe is award-worthy, feel free to send it my way! Even if it’s not your blog, send me your recommendations. I have several winning blogs in mind already for January. Who knows? Yours just might usurp this month’s winner!


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  1. I’ve got ton of blogs I follow, but I scan the headers to see which ones to read each day. No way I could read them all! As far as writing goes, I’ve got some “must reads”, including Anne Allen ( and Kristen Lamb ( I also have a couple of hockey blogs I follow somewhat religiously. 🙂 Oh, and of course I stop by here all the time!

    As for the award designs, I definitely like the 2nd one better. It’s cleaner, though I’m not in love with the pinkish hue. 🙂

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      Thanks for your input, Tom. I follow Kristen’s blog. I’ll have to check out the other one you mentioned. Thanks! Like you, I have tons of blogs I follow but actually read only a handful depending on the headline. Which teaches us that headlines/blog post titles are important! Good practice for us riders in need of hooky-ness. 🙂

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  2. I recently joined the group blog Putting On the New. Thirty-two Christian women who take turns writing inspirational posts. We come from all over the country, we have different experiences to share, yet we are obviously unified in Christ.

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  3. I do 3 features on my blog every week…

    Tuesday Treasures
    Thursday Thoughts
    Saturday Spotlight

    In each one you’ll find something encouraging, uplifting and maybe a new book/author to try.

    Thanks for checking it out.
    Good luck and Gods’ blessing in ALL you do!

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  4. Thank you for your encouraging idea, Karla! Last Fall I felt led to begin the Praise Poems blog even though I had several other blogs going for poets, writers, and other communicators for Christ. The wonderful thing about getting on overload is realizing it’s time to pray a bunch and reassess! So this month began The Word Center blog which centers on words and The Word and provides a single place for the earlier blogs to come together under I pray it’s a blessing to you and all who come.

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