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Today’s post is brought to you by the letter P!


God is so cool.

The other day I was sitting in my office in my HUGE office chair. I’d bought it because it was sturdier than chairs I’d bought in the past and was hoping it would last longer.

And while I did admire its sturdiness, it was just too big. I couldn’t turn it around in the little crawl space behind my desk.

My office area is tiny. “Lord,” I casually whispered. “I need a smaller chair.”

A few days later, Mr. Himself found this PINK CHAIR WITH DIAMONDS on sale at a furniture store marked waaaaay down!



Apparently, there isn’t a great demand for pink, blinged-out office chairs!

Now, Mr. Himself knew nothing of my prayer. And when I’d prayed for a smaller chair, I didn’t have anything this dramatic in mind.

But God is the God of delight. He loves giving us the desires of  our hearts. I had no idea I wanted a pink office chair with diamonds. (Okay, so they’re not real diamonds. But still–they sparkle!)


So sparkly!

Pink is one of my favorite colors. Without meaning to on purpose, I tend to choose pink accessories:


My pink iPhone case

My pink kindle sleeve

My pink kindle sleeve


“My” pink “Frozen” (the movie) cup. Okay, it’s actually the granddaughter’s but I use it so the cat won’t drink out of it.


My pink walking shoes.

My pink planner

My pink planner


Would you look at that? My book is pink, too!

My love of pink is obvious. But pink’s only my second favorite color.

My first favorite color is purple–and it also starts with P!

I have a purple coat, leather jacket, kindle cover, purses, earrings, shirts and blouses. I usually write with a purple ink pen. I even shop at a purple store!

But today, I’m tickled pink about a chair I had no idea I’d be so happy to have. I’m thankful to a God Who hears all our prayers and exceeds our expectations! (P is also for Prayer!)


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      I do feel like a princess, Ann! The thing that makes me smile the most is that my husband actually thought of me when he bought it and knew I’d like it. That’s the best part.

  1. What a perfectly, priceless, posh publication! Love your chair. Now I’m “jelly” and need a new design on my own. My favorite color by nature, is green. But I find myself picking up things that are purple…and pink! Maybe my favorite color truly is purple! LOL!

    1. Post

      I love purple and pink but my next favorite color is brown. I love all the browns and coppers, too. But I can’t seem to resist anything in pink and purple, either. 🙂 Thanks for reading, Shelley!

  2. Oh my goodness! I LOVE YOUR CHAIR!!! Lime green or pink are my 2 favorite colors & having a chair like this would SO make my church office my own! I already get tons of comments on my side of the shared space…this would just be perfect! I love how God not only answers our prayers (my topic for this week) but sometimes does so over the top! He really does know us that way…especially when we spend time with Him!

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