Behavior is communication

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As a Mom with special needs children, my mantra has always been, “behavior is communication.” Before my twin sons learned to speak at the ages of 7 – 9, they were constantly frustrated because they couldn’t express their needs and desires in words. Tantrums were a constant. As I watch the riots on TV, I have to wonder if part of the problem is that people don’t know how to express themselves. When commentators question them, many of them can hardly speak in coherent sentences. They are out of words or they...

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Hoosier Ink: You have to be a little loopy to be a writer

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I’m the blogger at Hoosier Ink today! Check it out! : You have to be a little loopy to be a writer.

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Evening Prayers: For Every Day of the Year

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“Deliverance Leads to Healing and Revival” To understand this book of prayers entitled Evening Prayers: For Every Day of the Year by Christoph Friedrich Blumhardt, I think it’s important to understand their context. The only way to understand their context is to know more about the man who wrote them. The history of this author is fascinating. In 1838, Blumhardt’s father, Johann Blumhardt, answered the call of pastoring in the small German town of Mottlingen and became legendary because of his part in the healing and exorcism of a...

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Watch for the Light: Readings for Advent and Christmas

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Okay, so I’m early (a proper lady is never late). But it’s never too early to plan for Christmas, right? I simply must share this little treasure with you. It’s a book called Watch for the Light and it includes readings from Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Dorothy Day, Madeleine L’Engle, Martin Luther, Kathleen Norris, Henri Nouwen, Philip Yancey, Karl Barth,  Síren Kierkegaard. Thomas Aquinas, C. S. Lewis and more. Madeleine L’Engle, people! I love her. Do you know her books? (Go ahead. Click on the link. I’ll wait.)...

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Discipleship: Living for Christ in the Daily Grind by J. Heinrich Arnold

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“What a great gift it would be if we could see a little of the great vision of Jesus – if we could see beyond our small lives! Certainly our view is very limited. But we can at least ask him to call us out of our small worlds and our self-centeredness, and we can at least ask to feel the challenge of the great harvest that must be gathered – the harvest of all nations and all people, including the generations of the future.” –J. Heinrich Arnold If there was ever a time the world needed a vision of Jesus it’s now. And...

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Ruminations on the “F” word

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When I was growing up the F word was the one forbidden word that no cussing heathen ever said in the presence of a lady. And a lady certainly never used such language. Today, F bombs are used as casually by the youthful masses as toothpaste. Their vocabularies have become so limited that it’s the most accessible word on the tips of their tongues. In casual day to day conversation it can be heard a myriad of times. Movies, music and other media have certainly contributed to this. Call me old-fashioned, but I still find it offensive. The...

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Join ACFW-Indiana in April for a chance to learn from experienced authors!

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Download as a .pdf file:  ACFWIndianaChapterFlyerApril2015...

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Pinterest Cooking Sleepover Recipes

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This is a recipe blog hop! Go here to get the button and join us each week: The Most Delicious Recipe Blog Hop. Then add your recipe post to mine with the linky codes at the end of this post. Whether you’re a paleo, vegetarian, southern cook, or baker, you’re welcome to join me and post a weekly recipe! Pinterest Cooking Sleepover Recipes   It’s been a long cold winter in NE Indiana. The kind of winter that calls for lots of comfort food. (Thank goodness for baggy sweaters!) Last Friday I invited all the girls at our church, ages K-12...

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