Strong Girls aren’t Mean Girls part III

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A few weeks ago I wrote to you, dear Strong Girls, about standing up for those who can’t stand up for themselves. Today I want to share a great Strong Girl story with you. Last night, in front of thousands of people, Anahi Alvarez gave her Homecoming Queen crown to her friend, Lillian Skinner. Lillian, described as sweet and innocent, was targeted by mean girls and told she’d been nominated as Homecoming Queen, which wasn’t true. When her friends, Anahi Alvarez, and Naomi Martinez, who were nominated as Homecoming Queen,...

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Why do I write?

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This past summer someone put my feet to the fire and asked me why I spent so much time writing: “So what if you write. All you have left after spending on all that time are words on a page. Who cares? There are other things to do besides sit and write all day.” When I told some of my writers friends I was being criticized for being a writer, I got some fabulous feedback. Things that I believed but couldn’t think to say at the time. (I tend to freeze up when I’m confronted and only think of answers later.) I’ve...

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When autism parents kill–it has to do with hope

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As a parent of twins with autism, I know what it’s like to feel desperate and alone. I know how it feels to have doors close and be left with no one to help carry the load. Professionals go home to their families, most don’t have any idea what it’s like to live with the turmoil. They get to sleep through the night without worrying if their child will harm themselves or wander off. Maybe you’re reading this and you have a child with autism. Like me, you probably think you’d never entertain the thought of murdering...

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How Strong Girl, Cynthia Koenig, is changing lives

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If you’re reading this blog from a home with running water, it only took a simple turn of the wrist to turn on the tap. But many, many women and girls in the world spend hours a day collecting and carrying water. Girls carry water instead of going to school. Women must collect water instead of helping make money to support the family or pursuing an education or career. With the invention of the WaterWheel, women can get water faster and easier. Instead of carrying Jerry jugs on their heads, they can push twice as much water home. Now...

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In defense of my handbag

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I’ll admit it. I’m a bit of a handbag junkie. I don’t only like to buy handbags, I love shopping for them in my favorite colors: purple, copper, pink and black. I enjoy a variety types of materials, too, such as tapestry, cotton, straw, leather and vinyl. The style of purse I prefer is the tote size. This is because I have so many things I can’t bear to leave home without. I often carry my iPad and kindle with me, so a bigger purse is definitely in order. Not to mention items I carry back and forth with me to church,...

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When history is creepy

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I have spent most of my day today re-researching material for my work in progress. I lost all my notes after vacation. Printed notes. Handwritten notes. Not good. Not good at all. I lost my timeline, my calendar–all of it. Now that I’ve re-established my facts, I’ll probably find it in the couch cushions or some such place. But I digress. It’s dangerous for ADD researchers (squirrel!) to take off on a research binge. It can lead you to some really strange places. (My good friend, Pedro, knows this well. In fact, he...

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Would C. S. Lewis be too distracted to write today?

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I love reading about the writing habits of great writers. Maybe it’s because I’m looking for that one secret element that made them great. I guess there is one secret that’s consistent with all of them: they worked hard. So much harder than we do today. I’ll explain in a bit. But first, let’s look at what C.S. Lewis had to say about an ideal writing day in his book, Surprised by Joy: The Shape of my Early Life. “[I] settled into a routine which has ever since served in my mind as an archetype, so that what...

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Autism musings: control freaks

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As autism parents, we may find ourselves seeking to control other things around us because we can’t control autism. I’m guilty of it myself. The incident that occurred recently with the young man with autism and the fake ice bucket challenge doesn’t help things. Sometimes, because of the fear autism brings to our door, and the lack of control we have to change it for our kids, we may find ourselves trying to control other areas of our lives. For myself, I cope by being a workahaolic. I admit it. I’m happiest when...

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Strong girls aren’t mean girls II

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Yesterday I wrote an article for my column about a group of teens who poured bodily fluids on an autistic classmate by tricking him into thinking they were doing the ALS ice bucket challenge. They poured the vile fluid on him from the roof of his garage while recording and posting it to Instagram. I can’t watch the video without crying. As a Mom with teen boys with autism, I can’t imagine someone doing that to my sons. I have to wonder — where was the voice of reason in this group of kids? Did no one stop to think about how...

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