It’s not about you or me

A month or so ago I confessed to you about my struggle with fibromyalgia. I’m happy to report that thanks to being on the right protocol I am feeling 100% better these days! I find myself doing things I didn’t do so much. Things like standing a lot more. I already walk at least five miles a day, but sometimes my back would give out in the day and I’d have to sit now and then. Now I’m on my feet for hours! Sometimes I’m standing and lifting and moving and it feels so natural I forget that I wasn’t doing that months ago! Health is normal. Hurting all the time is not.

Which got me to thinking about dreams. Bear with me. There really is a connection.

I think about all the people who dreamed of being a doctor or chemist or researcher who had to be put into place and born at just the right time so I could get the right medication to help me do what I do helping kids and their families. Isn’t that amazing?

My last post was about zero probability — about how we are born for a purpose, and that the probability of us even being alive is zero. 

Well, in this post, I am giving praise to God for placing all these people in my life who have given me my life back. Each one had to be born at just the right time, dream of going to college at just the right time, and have the grit and determination to pursue their passion at just the right time so that I could be healthy today. Thanks to their dogged chasing of a dream, I have the ability to do my job without hurting. I can do so much more now.   It feels so normal that I find myself doing things and I’m a few minutes into doing it before I realize, “I just did ___!”

Pretty mind-blowing, isn’t it? Don’t we serve a wonderful God?

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