Still our Favorite Beach

Siesta Beach in Sarasota is still my favorite beach for its silky smooth white sand and ease of access. The parking lot to the beach is large and there are bathroom facilities conveniently located. 

I will admit, however, I haven’t been to many beaches yet! Criminal, I know. But it was so hot this past summer when I arrived, and getting used to the tropical climate was an absolute challenge. I’m a northern-snow girl, through and through. I never imagined myself living in the tropics! EVER!

I’m also not good in the sun. I break out in blisters. I think it’s from medication mostly, and I don’t really understand it. When I was a kid I’d tan brown as treebark after getting a sunburn.

Now, thanks to UV-protective clothing, I can get out in the sun more, but my schedule is awful. My school doesn’t let students out until 4:30 and my special needs buses often don’t get there until 5:00. I do not get paid to stay with those students, but I do receive “comp time.” However, I can only use it when the students aren’t in school, such as for teacher work days. What teacher doesn’t need a work day without students?? So frustrating! But that’s another post. 

Nope I never imagined myself living a tropical life but I’m loving it!

It just goes to show, that you just never know where God’s plan will take you. I honestly hadn’t planned much for this time in my life. Call me naive, but I truly believed that Christ’s return was imminent. I think that’s how we’re supposed to live, though, right? 

Another beach we love is Coquina Beach. 

A beach we visited recently that is fun and awesome (but a bit crowded) is Clearwater Beach. The parking is sparse. We even saw a woman get hit by a car while she was crossing the street! (She actually walked away from it, but I  don’t think she should have as high in the air as she was thrown!)

I got some great sunset photos there and it’s a great place to people watch. If you love crowds, rowdy folks, and beach wedding gawking, this beach is the one for you! However, parking is awful, and so is the traffic. But, frankly, that’s Florida for you!

Have you visited a beach lately? Which one is your favorite? Which one do you want to visit? Let me know in the comments below! 

Happy 2020, Friends!

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      Are you coming to the wedding? I am going to visit another beach on Sunday and can hardly wait! 🙂 Have you ever been to Longboat Key? I also want to visit the islands!

      1. OFF TOPIC:

        Hi, Ms. Akins. I’m Kelvin Yogi, from Brazil. I don’t know if you’re still active here, anyway, I would like to ask you something very unusual and, in a sense, abusing: could you make a photographic copy of Steve Quayle’s book about Hitler? (I’m not sure Quayle’s book is a reliable source, but I want to give it a try.) I’m doing a profound research on «globalism» (which involves many topics, obviously), but I’m a simple man, doing all by my own, without any kind of support. Looking to world’s actual condition (I’m referring to the «plandemic», of course), I’m not so sure I can finish this research thus contributing to clear some things up, but, as the French adage says, NOBLESSE OBLIGE. Whatever your decision is, I’m already greateful for your attention and I hope you and yours be well in these dark times.

        Christ is risen!

        Kelvin Yogi

        P.S. Sorry my poor and perhaps mistaken English.

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