Writer Wednesday with Award-Winning Author, Bob Hostetler


I met Bob Hostetler at a recent ACFW-Indiana meeting. I had no idea how much I admired his work until I saw his book table. And there it was. A book that had a huge influence on my life as a youth minister and teen Sunday School teacher:

I raised my kids and a whole passel of other kids on this book. It’s an excellent apologetic in layman’s terms. I think I’ve quoted most of it for the past 20 years over and over again. The title itself is one of my favorite phrases.

I was fortunate enough to visit with Bob during our luncheon that day and he was nice enough to agree to an interview!

Grab your cuppa (I’ve got my iced tea ready!) and get ready to glean wisdom from an award-winning, best-selling author. 

Thanks for agreeing to the interview Bob! I’m really looking forward to your next book! And I don’t care if I am gushing like a giddy schoolgirl. Its delicious purple cover (purple is my FAVE) and delectable content has me salivating already!


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Bob says, “Don’t check your brains at the door!”

Do you ever write naked?

I saw a poster the other day with some of these questions and thought it would be funny in a sort of Tom Threadgill sort of way to answer them, so here goes:


Do you ever write naked?

Only in the bathtub. I’ve gotten some great ideas for songs there as well as worked out some difficult scenes in the midst of a sea of bubbles.


What do you usually wear when you write?

At home I usually have on my sweats or pajamas when I’m writing. Anywhere else it’s probably jeans and a sweater or shirt. Unless I’m in the bathtub.


Has the dog ever eaten your manuscript?

Yes. But it all came out fine in the end.


Are you ever jealous of other writers?

Not jealous in the green-eyed sort of way. I mean, sure, I’d love to have the money some other authors acquire, and have their ability to make it to the top, but usually I admire their work. Unless they’re an author whose work I think is super bad and they’re wealthy still. Then it bothers me, but I’m not jealous. To say that I don’t compare myself to other writers would be untrue. I have to fight that temptation just as any writer does.


Do you dress up like your characters and role play?

Only if my agent makes me.


Why don’t you write about sex?

Because it’s embarrassing.


Are you fun out on a date?

You’ll have to ask my husband that question.


What do you do for fun?

I write.


No, I mean, besides writing.

Is there anything else?

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What are some questions you’ve always wanted to ask a writer but were afraid to ask?