Do you ever write naked?

I saw a poster the other day with some of these questions and thought it would be funny in a sort of Tom Threadgill sort of way to answer them, so here goes:


Do you ever write naked?

Only in the bathtub. I’ve gotten some great ideas for songs there as well as worked out some difficult scenes in the midst of a sea of bubbles.


What do you usually wear when you write?

At home I usually have on my sweats or pajamas when I’m writing. Anywhere else it’s probably jeans and a sweater or shirt. Unless I’m in the bathtub.


Has the dog ever eaten your manuscript?

Yes. But it all came out fine in the end.


Are you ever jealous of other writers?

Not jealous in the green-eyed sort of way. I mean, sure, I’d love to have the money some other authors acquire, and have their ability to make it to the top, but usually I admire their work. Unless they’re an author whose work I think is super bad and they’re wealthy still. Then it bothers me, but I’m not jealous. To say that I don’t compare myself to other writers would be untrue. I have to fight that temptation just as any writer does.


Do you dress up like your characters and role play?

Only if my agent makes me.


Why don’t you write about sex?

Because it’s embarrassing.


Are you fun out on a date?

You’ll have to ask my husband that question.


What do you do for fun?

I write.


No, I mean, besides writing.

Is there anything else?

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What are some questions you’ve always wanted to ask a writer but were afraid to ask?

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  1. I’ll confess that Lizzie the dog has never eaten my manuscript and I have worn a WW II Air Corps uniform when doing author signings. Past that, I’ll let the readers wonder!

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  2. These are cute. I never write aka review naked but I’m often in my jammies! Trust me, that’s not a mental picture anyone wants! LOL

    Love your new design, Miss Karla!

    Blessings in the New Year!

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  3. I will say that white board markers work well on ceramic tile shower walls. Yes, I know this from experience.

    I experimented while cleaning, people. Really. 😉
    Fun post, Karla!! =]

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  4. Great post! And fun questions… Nix on the naked for sure! And I can’t seem to write in sweats or pjs. Certainly jeans and sloppy tops though. I most definitely write my short haiku-ish work on a motorcycle, as well as structure a blog. It stretches my memory to remember the exact phrasing… I repeat often during the ride and rush to pen and paper when we stop.

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      Nice method there on the motorcycle writing technique. I don’t think my memory is long enough to do that but as you said it stretches yours so maybe I’ll give it a try!

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  5. Well now, you were fun on OUR date back in August! I never saw someone I just met laugh as hard as you did at dinner that night. LOL! What a great ice-breaker for the both of us! And just an FYI I’m jealous of YOU. But not in a green-eyed-monster way. Just that you have a published book…and I don’t. Yet. ;-] Love ya!

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  6. Delightful post! As I try to lessen my schedule and get back into steady writing, I am thinking of ways to set aside time. Yesterday I was repairing my mother’s shower–shower head wasn’t working, etc. (One reason why I wasn’t writing.) Got that done while fully clothed and sure wouldn’t try writing naked! Jeans and sweatshirt will do just fine for the next couple months! But I like the idea of a white board in the shower. But if I got to writing … I’d run out of hot water.

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