Atheist Dawkins: Aborting babies with Down Syndrome is the moral thing to do


I can’t stop thinking about an article I wrote for Examiner a few days ago. As a Special Needs Kids Examiner and a college student working toward a degree in Special Education, I have access to the latest news regarding disabilities.

When I read about Richard Dawkins tweeting that children with Down Syndrome should be aborted, I was incensed. According to him, it is the moral thing to do because they have nothing to contribute.

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But that’s the problem, isn’t it?

If one doesn’t believe in a God Who lovingly created humans in His Own Image, then life is nothing more than random cells. Humans are their own gods with the authority to decide who lives and dies.


As I wrote in my new book, Autism, (Due out April 2015), I’ve met spiritual giants while working with people with disabilities. I think we’re going to be very surprised in Heaven when we meet our cognitively disabled brothers and sisters in their perfect bodies. Oh, what great conversations we’ll have then!

The following video chokes me up every single time I watch it. It says it all, I think. This life isn’t about being perfect (whatever that is because perfection is relative). Life is about love. And if you’ve ever known someone with Down Syndrome, you’ve known real, tangible love.

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I love hearing from you. Do you know anyone with Down Syndrome? I’d love to hear all about them!

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      Exactly right, Tom. Very good point. People who claim to be atheists make themselves their god. So sad and I’m so grateful for the grace that God has bestowed on me that I might know the Truth!

  1. I cannot even fathom someone so insensitive as to say children with Down’s should be aborted! My oldest daughter’s best frien has a sister with Down’s. The girl is 27 years old now, but I watched her grow up. This girl, even now, will run up and hug the stuff in out of me every time she sees me! She’s such a funny, loving, and entertaining girl. I could tell you some stories about her! Just precious!

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      I can’t understand it, either. Many women who have abortions regret them and live with tremendous guilt. As Christians we need to pray for both mother and child. I suppose if you live without the hope we have in Christ, it must seem that life is too grim for hope. Thanks for reading, Shelley!

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