Bronner’s part 2: The Joy of Christmas Decorations


Last week I posted about my trip to Frankenmuth, Michigan to Bronner’s. I promised to share what we bought there back in 2007 to commemorate our 25th wedding anniversary. (We were married Dec. 3, 1982.)

We had such fun shopping for our silver anniversary. I wish my pictures were better. My camera wasn’t working and I took these with my phone. Phone cameras have come a long way in the past seven years! (Click pics to enlarge.)


Naturally the first thing we looked for was an ornament that said “25” somewhere on it. So we bought the above one and had it personalized (below).



We bought a few bells (pictured above) but also some much bigger silver bells to put on our wedding canopy. You can sort of see the bells below in the background on the canopy arch. They were so pretty.  (This is my daughter and her husband walking down the aisle when we renewed our vows.)



I also bought a few sets of silver pine cones (pictured above). And a set of doves (bel0w).


I couldn’t resist the baby penguins sitting side by side.


They all came together to create a very special Christmas tree that year.


Do you have any favorite Christmas tree ornaments? I’d love to read about them! Leave me a comment below!

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  2. Four years and one baby into marriage, we’re still at the stage where we look at our tree and think, “wow, it’s really bare. We should buy some Christmas ornaments.” I have been told this will change in years to come. 😉

  3. You came home with some delightful ornaments to celebrate the occasion. Most certainly worth the trip. I recently remarried and my children have left the nest. All my ‘previous’ family ornaments are packed away. We will see if we start any new traditions. So far our only nod to the holiday is a wreath for the front door!

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