Erica says goodbye and we wish her well

ericagrapham(This is my intern, Erica Graphman’s last blog post. I’ve really enjoyed working with this brilliant young woman and wish her great success in her studies and chosen career!)

As the semester draws to a close and I scramble with final papers, final exams, and packing up my dorm room, I like to reflect on the school year, which happened to go by extremely quickly this time around. I learned a lot, took classes I loved and classes I didn’t love nearly as much. Most importantly to me, I had fun being with my friends, creating a magazine, and starting my very first internship with Karla.


I have really enjoyed working with Karla and have learned a lot from her. I never had the courage to blog before because I felt like I had nothing to say and I wasn’t sure how to say it. Karla taught me the techniques of blogging, gave me brilliant feedback on my writing, and showed me how to set up my own blog. On top of finding the courage to blog, Karla has also taught me a lot about social media networking, which I now really enjoy and hope to continue building skills in.


I was a little nervous setting up my blog, The Slanted Shelf, on Blogger, but now I’m glad I have it. I hope to continue blogging even though my work with Karla is complete. I might shift my angle a little more towards reviewing the books I read, since I have a giant list to read this summer. And I’m hoping that if I continue to use my blog for that, I’ll be able to build on my critical reading skills. If I can’t do that, at least I’ll have fun writing about reading.


Blogging has been a lot more fun than I really expected it to be because of the great responses I received so many people. Thank you, Karla, for all you have taught me. Thank you everyone for helping me build my confidence as a writer.

Karla: Erica, it’s been a true pleasure working with you. You have a lot more talent than you give yourself credit for. Write on, young scribe! You’ve got greatness in you!


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