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Erica Graphman

Today’s post is brought to you by my amazing intern, Erica Graphma! Take it away, Erica!

Everyone has that one thing they can just never say no to, right? Because I don’t want to feel crazy for knowing I have an addiction to something. What is that something you might ask? Books. It’s so hard to stop myself from buying books when I’m in a store by myself!


I mean I don’t go into Barnes and Noble and buy everything I see because, let’s be honest, that would cost waaaay too much money. But I pretty much can’t leave Half Price Books without buying something and if I find something interesting at Goodwill or yard sales I can’t leave those either.


It’s gotten a little worse for me recently too. This is because I’ve discovered that I like covers, so when I see a book I like with a really cool cover I want to buy it. This happened with the edition of Dracula I have and it will eventually happen when I find a copy of this cool edition of Farenheit 451 that looks like a match book. As you can imagine, buying multiples of books because I like different covers can be a strain on my bookshelf and my bank account!


What’s even worse for my wallet is being a Harry Potter nerd. I saw the covers of the new US editions and made the choice to collect every single Harry Potter novel in every language it’s been published in. And let me tell you, that’s A LOT of books. I have had the original US editions since they came out, but since I’ve collected the first three UK children’s editions, two of the new US editions, and the Latin and Spanish editions of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. (The picture below doesn’t even include all of the different versions.)


I don’t really go out and scour the web for every version I can find. I really enjoy the excitement of walking into a bookstore, seeing a book I don’t have, and snatching it up before anyone else can (even though there aren’t other people around ready to grab it.) As a struggling college student, this hobby of mine, or addiction if you think I should call it, is probably costing me a lot of money I should save for future purposes. But sometimes I really can’t help my love for being surrounded by books.


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    Yup, I definitely have a book addiction. But it’s been tempered of late with the digital book movement. I am getting too old to haul books everywhere. I’ve packed hundreds all over the country. And I’m grateful for my little kindle! I can take thousands with me everywhere I go now.

    HOWEVER, there is NOTHING I enjoy quite as much as the scent of a library or bookstore and I surround myself with books in my favorite rooms in this house: my living room and office. There’s just something comforting about walls and walls of books.

    I, too, collect first editions but they are of Gene Stratton Porter and Harold Bell Wright. I love old books! One of my favorite sets is an old 1917 set of encyclopedias.

    Just think, in about 100 years people will be collecting World Books and thinking they’re awesome. LOL.

    1. I know exactly what you mean about the smell of libraries and book stores! I really want to try out those book scented candles and see if they compare to the really thing.

      I’m really glad I’m not the only one who likes collecting old books!

  2. I have to confess to a book addiction too. My husband has made me bookcases and then bought some more when the books began to multiply beyond his comfort level. I didn’t mind that the books were stacked three deep on some of the shelves… they were smallish books, and the shelves were deep. I knew where everything was… for the most part. 🙂 I love books and reading. With a big bowl of popcorn beside me as well. Ah, if only there was time tonight…

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      I thought I was the only one who did popcorn and reading at the same time! LOL. My favorite thing to do!

      My husband built bookshelves all along my walls in my office. There’s nothing but books on every wall all the way up to the ceiling. And that’s after I gave away hundreds of books to a private school, too!

      Books make me happy. When we played a newlywed game at church, one of the questions we were asked was, “if your wife found $10, what would she spend it on?”

      That was an easy one for us. My husband said “books” and we won! 🙂

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