Interview with H2 TV host and author, Scott Wolter of America Unearthed


I’ve been a follower of Scott Wolter’s research for about ten years. My fascination with his work began with my interest in the Kensington Runestone and my belief that it is a genuine artifact and proof of a Nordic presence in North America before Christopher Columbus. Scott has written two books that deal with his research of the stone, The Kensington Runestone: Compelling New Evidence and The Hooked X. (I have all of Scott’s books, but am the proud owner of two copies of The Hooked X. One of them is autographed.)



His latest book, From Akhenaten to the Founding Fathers: The Mysteries of the Hooked X is also a compelling read.


Scott’s worldview and mine are very different. As a born-again Christian, I don’t believe that Jesus married Mary Magdalene. Scott does. He also believes this view of Mary M. and Jesus is the “holy grail” that the Templars protected and brought with them to North America.

And while I don’t agree with Scott about this particular issue, I do agree with much of the research he exposes on his H2 TV program, America Unearthed, now in its second season.  I was tickled pink to see him have his own show. I almost felt like a proud cousin or something because I’d known for a long time he had a unique view of history that made other people as curious as myself. I’ve been honest with Scott about my beliefs and he has been gracious and generous of his time in answering many of my questions for which I’m grateful.

I’m honored that Scott took time out of his busy schedule to answer even more of my questions for my blog. If you love a good mystery, history and ancient artifacts, I think you’ll find his research as fascinating as I do.


Scott, thanks so much for agreeing to answer some questions for my readers. I know you’re an extremely busy man. How old were you when you fell in love with rocks?

I’ve always been fascinated with rocks, even as a kid.  However, my interest turned to obsession when I was in college and discovered Lake Superior Agates.  That obsession led to any and every spare moment searching for them.  I rode a motorcycle back then which allowed me to get into and out of gravel pits with ease.  Eventually, I wrote my first book (of a total of four) about agates and have assembled a world class collection.  I am still hooked on agates and I’m sure always will be.

I ride my own motorcycle, too. It’s my favorite mode of transportation when I’m “looking for treasure.”


My book, my tank, my gloves

I’ve enjoyed seeing your family included in some of the episodes of America Unearthed. How involved are they in your research?

Both of my kids enjoy the research and I often run things by my son Grant, who is an engineer and ultra-skeptical.  If something I’m working on passes the “smell test” with him then we’re usually on good ground.  Although, he’s not always right and does accept strong evidence and a good argument.  Janet is my co-researcher and truth be told, is the genius of the family.  She brings calm, reasoned input to the subjects we investigate as well as the feminine perspective that really does provide the needed balance to our research.  She’s a gem!


Scott & Janet

I’ve observed that as a scientist, you tend to only believe those things you can touch and see. Do you have a spiritual side?

I am definitely a pragmatist and in my younger days was proud to call myself an atheist.  However, life has a way of softening the hard edges of a person’s ideas and beliefs.  I used to think everything could be explained logically.  However, I’ve come to realize that some things that happen in life cannot always be explained logically.  The hardest thing for me was learning to accept there are some things that happen in life you cannot explain or fully understand.


Washington D.C. and Franklin, Pennsylvania were laid out by Andrew Ellicott, in your words, in “incredible sacred geometry.” His apprentice, Alexander Ralston, laid out Indianapolis, Indiana. What is the purpose of doing this, do you think? Is there a message, a spiritual power or something they are trying to convey?

Of course, there were scientific, mathematical, and spiritual messages the early surveyors and architects were trying to convey, and still trying to convey.  It’s up to the individual to decide what that message is.

Why do you think the lead artifacts discovered in Tuscon, Arizona were left there?

I’m pretty certain the Tucson Lead Artifacts were made and left as ritual offerings by a Roman-Jewish party from what is now Southern France.  I have more thoughts about this group, but I’m hoping to convey them in a future follow-up episode; we’ll see if that happens…


I can hardly wait! I love the show, DVR it and watch the episodes several times over.

Do I understand correctly that you believe that the parchments supposedly discovered by Abbe Francois Berenger Sauniere are genuine? What makes you think so?

I’m pretty certain he found something that led him to great riches somewhere near Rennes le Chateau.  Some say it was information he used to get money from the Church.  Some say the documents told of the location of ancient hidden gold.  Maybe it was both, but I do think he found parchments with important information.


What drives you to spread the word regarding your belief that Jesus never rose bodily from the tomb and that He married Mary Magdalene?

What drives me to get this story out is because the factual evidence I’ve seen so far says it is the truth.  I also believe the world has been negatively impacted by the financially and spiritually corrupt nature of the Roman Catholic Church.  They convey the wrong message of what Jesus and MM were really teaching; that the individual doesn’t need a human conduit to get to their Creator.  They can do it themselves and this is what threatened the power of the Roman Church so they created a different story that became patriarchal and vilified woman.  Largely due to 1700 years of their spiritual domination it has thrown the world horribly out of balance, most notably by over-population.  I want my descendants to inherit a healthy planet and believe the ship is now beginning to turn around by this truth coming out.  I also think the vast majority of people in the world can handle the truth.

I’d like to discuss this more, and probably will in a future post. I think you already know this is an area where we don’t see eye to eye. However, I’m never one to throw the baby out with the bathwater, and realize we couldn’t possibly agree on all points. I still have many questions and learn a lot from your work.

What tools do you use to organize your research? (Computer programs or other tech tools?)

The tools I use are the internet and books; lots of books.  However, I think people have become too dependent on the net; especially Wiki which is edited by power-tripping, anti-diffusion leaning individuals.  I became so frustrated by the crap that was being added to my Wiki bio page I demanded it be removed entirely.  Now that you’re aware, try and find balanced information on a Wiki page about any of the controversial artifacts and sites we’ve investigated and you’ll see they are all treated with skepticism in spite of conclusive evidence to the contrary in several cases.  My name isn’t even mentioned on the Kensington Rune Stone page and look up Tucson Lead Artifacts, Bat Creek Stone, Spirit Pond rune Stones, Newport Tower, etc.  It’s all nonsense.  Of course, the other tool I use is my body by getting out there to see, feel and test whatever it is I’m studying.    

I agree regarding Wiki. It’s why colleges never allow students to us it as a cited source. However, I also feel your frustration with so-called academics who reject the conclusive evidences that stare them in the face.

What message do you want most to convey to your readers and viewers of your television show?

The biggest message would be for people to not blindly accept everything you read (especially on the web) or told.  Think and investigate for yourself before arriving at a conclusion.  I guarantee you find the answer is rarely what you initially thought or told, and you will also find the “back stories” are often more interesting.  Doing research is also a lot of fun.  I always tell young people to ask questions of their teachers and professors if something doesn’t make sense.  Always be respectful, but speak up and be heard.

I agree about research–it’s my favorite part of writing, and the reason I’ve enjoyed following your work all these years. Congrats on the show!

And again, thanks, Scott, for your fascinating insights and sharing your research with such a generous spirit. That’s something I’ve always appreciated about you. I can’t wait to see more of America Unearthed!

What about you, Dear Reader, do you have any questions for Scott?

Leave them in the comments below!


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  1. Great interview! I do watch Scott’s show on H2 and am always entertained. And spot on about not blindly accepting everything we read or are told. We’ve become a nation that learns by sound bites, and it’s tragic. Thanks for sharing and I look forward to seeing more of Scott on H2!

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      I agree with you, Tom. I came to faith in Christ after searching with my head not only my heart. God doesn’t expect us to check our brains at the door! He is, after all, a very all-knowing God, capable of more deep thinking than we can begin to imagine.

      1. Good interview, Karla. Applying Scott’s pragmatist comment regarding spirituality, I tend to look at things mathematically. So, to ponder the observed universe, estimated at 93 billion light years across, with the Milky Way galaxy only 100,000 light years across containing an est. 200 billion stars. Multiple that number times the estimated 100 billion galaxies in the observed universe and you get incomprehensible numbers. The odds that there are other intelligent planets and someone out there smarter than us is extremely likely. Therefore, I believe in existence in God. The sheer mathematical odds stand to reason. Faithful watcher of H2 – American Unearthed as well.

  2. Before I came to a personal knowledge of Christ, I was a female version of Scott. 4.0GPA, had to have the exact answers to everything (still fall into that rut from time to time) so was hard to accept Christ by His own words. But once He grabs you by the shirt collar, life becomes easier, faith easier, and you never look at the world the same again. Keep searching, Scott! Keep looking for the answers, but be careful, it was in that mode that I found more than I ever expected! 🙂

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  3. Great interview, Karla–and a big Thank You to Scott for sharing with us. Ditto on Linda’s comment. It’s hard to explain how amazing it is to live every day through faith in Christ–knowing what he did for us and seeing little (and big) miracles in my life. Scott, I hope you continue to seek for the truth of this amazing grace and God reaching out to us through Christ.

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  4. Thanks Karla for this post. Your tweet hooked me and I linked here.

    Fascinating! I’m following each link you have highlighted. I think it’s just the research I need for an upcoming book!

    Take care!

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  5. I did not know about America Unearthed, but I
    will look it up. So many shows based on historical
    “fact” just say the same thing over and over without
    really coming to a conclusion. Scott’s show and
    research sound very interesting.

    Great interview, Karla. I, too, hope Scott
    will continue to search and find more than a
    connection to the creator. I pray he will find
    more than facts, but also the faith to have a
    personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

  6. Just as a follow-up, Karla, I ordered and received Scott’s DVD’s — America Unearthed — and am digging my way through them! No pun intended! Fascinating stuff and one especially confirmed info from another source. Thanks!

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      Bonnie, I can’t wait to hear how you like them and what sort of thing you’re working on with them. Isn’t it fascinating?? Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

  7. I’ve got a question related to the ark of the covenate in America.
    Is it possible that the 40 years of wandering in the wilderness with the ark was done in America? The pictaglyph of it may be accurate proof that it was seen by native Americans?

    1. Post

      It’s highly doubtful, Mike, that the wandering mentioned in the scriptures was done in America. But it’s an interesting theory indeed. I think it’s more likely that Hebrews came to America and brought the story with them as well as symbols of their religion. Thanks for reading and asking!

      1. Recommended Reading: Stolen Continents by Ronald WRIGHT, and An eye witness account of the destruction of the indies by Bartholamas de las casas.

        Recommended Viewing: Michael Woods Francisco PIZZARO, Juan CORTERS and Hernando de SOTO as was broadcast on BBC tv and also Prof. Alan THORNES, Man on the RIM, tracing the evolutionary migration of man around the Pacific, notably that episode called Flaming Arrows, pertaining to North America…enjoy.

  8. Has Scott WOLTER ever considered what the ecologists refer to as parallel evolution eg Pangolins, Leopards in the Old World, Armadillos, Jaguars in the New World.

    This could equally be true of Englands Stonehenge and ditto, New Hampshires Stonehenge. Ditto, the New World and Old World Pyramid Builders etc.

    Any comments, thoughts, observations, would be sincerely appreciated.

    Love your (New) America Unearthed as broadcat here on Sky TV Documentaries, here in ‘Great’ Britain.

  9. seguo il programma di Scott con molta attenzione,le sue osservazioni sono stimolanti , e mi danno la possibilità di non prendere sempre per buono o “vero” ciò che ci raccontano sulla storia. Ho un figlio di tredici anni che lo segue sempre su Focus, e gli piacerebbe sapere il percorso di studi di Scott.
    Spero che i suoi programmi possano proseguire

  10. Thanks for this great interview, Karla. I am a geologist and Christian, and I admire the work and abilities of Mr. Wolter. I have ordered two of his books and find him to be so talented. I also plan to contact him someday and pass along some ideas of my own that he may find interesting. I live not far from the Bat Creek Stone area and his recent H2 episode featuring the stone strikes my interest once again, as I just viewed it and a web search ultimately led me to your site. God bless you and I look forward to discovering more on your own site!

    -Eddie Sutton, East Tennessee

    1. Post

      Eddie, I’m so glad you stopped by. I am completely fascinated by the bat creek stone and that part of the country. I’ve been doing a lot of research regarding the Melungeon people for a book I’m writing. Do stop by again and share your stuff! If you have a website, please contact me with the info. Would love to meet you sometime and talk treasure!

  11. I have to say after watching more of the America Unearthed the more I have to wonder about thus Scott guy he likes to take half truths and little slivers of a possibility and concocting a new truth and gives people a false hope that they realky might have something. I think he’s so eager to believe the history of America is a lie that he comes at it in a bias way I mean he even says it in the beginning of his show ( the history we were taught growing up is wrong) so kind of leaves any doubt of him coming at it at least in the least bias way possible

  12. If Scott believes that Jesus married Mary Madgalene and I feel he is terribly wrong in his beliefs concerning this and other things spiritual, how can I possibly believe him about other issues. I now wonder if any of his so called findings is legitimate.

  13. Karla: Like you, I am a believer in Christ. And like you, I know Scott personally. He is very open to going where the evidence leads. I just hope and pray that he can study the evidence of Christ as diligently as he studied the Kensington reun stone.

    1. Post

      Amen, Mark! Thanks for your input and prayers! I will pray that Scott will go where the evidence leads and that the Lord will put evidence in his path that leads him to Truth!

  14. I would like to mention that i am kinda curious if Scott got played in one episode. In the episode on captain Kidd, he was headed to the coordinates, and on his way a man came up on a boat, the man preceded to lead him back to land, and sent Scott in a different direction. This could have been a cover up. I think the man could have been trying to send him off course so as not to allow Scott to discover the treasure. I am curious, would love to hear more, and would like to find out if he ever made it to the coordinates. Please get back to me thank you.

    1. Post
  15. Scott Wolters takes Dan Brown’s book the Da Vinci code as history when the book is a work of fiction. Just google Kathleen McGowan , she is one of the experts on the Knights Templar that Scott takes as an authority. He is either very stupid, or just in to it for the money.

    1. Post

      Unfortunately, much of society treats fiction as “faction.” People have a difficult time these days separating Truth and Reality from deception. And most will only see what they want to see until something shakes them up enough to see the Truth. I pray that all my colleagues will know the Truth that sets them free! I myself pray that my eyes will remain open to the REAL TRUTH.

      I do see an interesting paradox in Scott’s complete “faith” in the notion of Mary Magdalene vs. the faith I have in Christ’s bodily resurrection. It takes more so-called faith to believe in the DaVinci code than it does to believe in the eye-witness accounts of the Life of Christ that have survived over thousands of years.

      Thanks for your comments!

  16. “We have the DNA,” Wolter says, of the man “who’s buried in the box labeled Jesus, son of Joseph” in the Talpiot Tomb. Yes, Wolter claims to have the actual genome of the Son of God. Presumably, that’s one of the secrets he wasn’t supposed to tell anyone. Wolter then denies Christianity’s central mystery and proclaims that the Resurrection never occurred (as Muslims do today in venerating Jesus as a prophet). Instead, he claims that Jesus was initiated into a spiritual resurrection through Egyptian rituals that became part of Freemasonry.

    1. As a member of the Knights Templar modern day order, Scott Wolters theory that the grail is the bloodline of Jesus is bogus. There is a reason that certain males go Scottish Rite instead of Knights Templar. I will never reveal the reason but I assure you it debunks his theory.

      1. Post

        I’d like to know more about the modern Knights Templar. Can you point me to information on the web? Thanks for your comments. I appreciate them! Now you’ve piqued my interest in the differences between the Scottish Rite and the Templars. Hmmmm….

    2. Post

      Yes, you’re right. As a born again Christian, I don’t believe that Jesus’s bones exist on this earth. I appreciate your comments. I never heard him say anything about a spiritual resurrection through Egyptian rituals. Was that part of a show? I’d like to know more!

  17. i have a couple bits of information that is info that i picked up over my lifetime,about the youngers and jesse james. just thought i should share it with someone. in really like scott from watching him on h2. this info might not be worth two red cents. i do know the homesite that jesse supposedly died at. north sumner co. tn. thanks john creekmore

  18. Fantastic interview. While I am a Christian I consider myself open to the truth as it is revealed. Unfortunately for Scott it seems the information he seeks is closely guarded and likely unattainable. The Catholicc church has gone to extraordinary lengths to conceal something throughout history, that is fact. What exactly it is we can really only speculate on with the limited amount of evidence we have. It can be relatively be surmised that there was a movement toward equality between men and women but the degree to which Gnosticism was cultish is unclear. We can only speculate as much of the evidence has been destroyed, that in itself leads us toward the relativity of these scriptures.

    God is all and in so much his word would be revealed no matter the agenda of man. We know what we need but hunger for more in never ending quests to answer questions our hear can easily answer. We know right from wrong but seek justification for our lusts. We no poor treatment of others is contrary to the will of God but seek justification to support our own endeavors in interpretations. We know our heart and ultimately will have to give our own account. We should instead strive to love God with all our heart, mind and soul and then our neighbor as ourselves. Is there something so mystical in that statement? Do we need to pursue further explanation? It is so simple yet for some reason we seek more in our own ignorance and self righteous wisdom.

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