My secret life

secretI have a secret.

It’s not a very well-kept one, but I rarely talk about it because it’s a little embarrassing. Then again, it’s not.

Ready? Here it is: I’m a grandmother and a full-time college student. I’ve gone into debt to become a certified Special Education teacher in Indiana.

wgu-indiana_257x244I attend classes online at Western Governors University. I love my school. I’m proud to be a Night Owl. And I’m thrilled to live in a time that allows me to attend a college that lets me learn how I learn best: at my own pace, in my own way, during the middle of the night when I have the time to study and from the comfort of my home or wherever else I may be.


I’m not the type of student who enjoys sitting in class listening to lectures. Let me read the material and digest it myself. I get bored listening to someone regurgitate what’s already there in black and white. Attending online classes is sheer joy.

Except for math. I definitely need hand-holding when it comes to higher math. But WGU gives students all the tools we need to succeed and I’m proud to report I’ve passed all my maths!

A personal faculty member is assigned to each student and mentors us the entire time we work toward our degrees. Additionally, each course has its own course mentor to help with the course material. Every professor is a phone call or email away.


Why go to school so late in my life? I have seven granddaughters. I want to set an example. Plus, as a pastor’s family, we have no retirement because my husband’s churches have been small rural congregations with small budgets. Grandma’s gotta bring home the bacon for her old age! I’m going to be old whether I’m going to school or not, so why not fulfill a life-long dream?

I also want to have a more credible platform when writing books. I hope to write more books such as the one that will be released in April 2015: Autism: Practical Help and Spiritual Hope for Parents.

Right now in my classes I’m getting ready for field placement experience. I’ve already done 30 hours at community college, and I hope to negotiate a way to get credited for those. If not, it’ll still be fun to do them again. I love being with the students in the classroom.

wgu-gofurther-logo-png_1ekignctt4rrg1w9wq6ewg7l7mThis week I’m having fun substitute teaching in a special education classroom at the elementary school. The fact is, I love the classroom as much as I love writing. There’s room in my heart and life for both.


Yes, I do have degrees from seminary (Doctorate in Christian Ed), but to be a certified teacher in Indiana, I needed to take more classes. I’m not sure when I’ll graduate, but I’m determined to finish. My ultimate dream is to get higher degrees. But as with book writing, the future and what I will accomplish is all in God’s Hands and in His Time.

Who knows? Maybe the rapture will come before finals!

Now that’s a graduation ceremony I don’t want to miss!


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  1. You truly are an inspiration, Karla! I thank God for leading me to bring my kids to Wednesday evening children’s church almost 9 years ago and we have been so blessed and pleased since!! You have made so many wonderful things happen for my children and SO many others…Thank You, so very much, for all you do! Your teaching and loving direction is a true blessing 🙂

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