Scare away hunger this Halloween

halloweenOne of my passions is feeding and clothing the Native American children of Pine Ridge Reservation. The poorest area of the United States. That people live in such squalor in this land of plenty, is an American shame. So my post today is about how you can help feed the babies of Pine Ridge and the many elderly that are raising them.

Our church sponsored a family via this organization so I can vouch for their legitimacy. They aren’t a Christian organization, but they do the work of Christ if you ask me. They work hard to help keep food and clothes and wood for fuel and heat in homes that desperately need them.

I personally don’t “celebrate” Halloween, but I do use it as a day to spread the Gospel via flyers and tracts and as an opportunity to invite people to church. Why not use it to feed the hungry of Pine Ridge, too?

What follows is taken from their website:

This Halloween, children will go door-to-door collecting treats. Many will come to your door. This Halloween, think of the children who may have nothing at all to eat.

hunger2Participate in ONE Spirit’s Scare Away Hunger Halloween Drive, and help feed needy families. It’s a fun, easy way to contribute to the End Hunger program!
As you buy your candy, set aside $5 (about the cost of one bag) to donate to our End Hunger program. At the door, put a basket with our printable flyer, for parents who may wish to make a donation. You may also wish to put a basket out at your church or school party.

kidsinvlovedGet the kids involved!
Are your kids going trick-or-treating? Send them out with an extra bag for donations and our print and cut slips (click on the picture at left). After they get their treat, they can give a slip, and collect any donations that people may wish to give. Spare change and dollar bills add up!

When the night is over, send the donations to us here:

One Spirit PO Box 3209 Rapid City, SD 57709

Pine Ridge Facts:

  • The eighth-largest reservation in the United States
  • The poorest reservation in the United States
  • The population of Pine Ridge suffers health conditions commonly found in Third World countries: high mortality rates, depression, alcoholism, drug abuse, malnutrition , diabetes and more
  • Reservation access to health care is limited and insufficient
  • Unemployment rates are between 80% and 85%
  • 49% of the population live below the federal poverty level
  • Many families have no electricity, telephone, running water, or sewage systems; and use wood stoves to heat their homes, depleting limited wood resources
  • The shortest life expectancies of any group in the Western Hemisphere: approximately 47 years for males and 52 years for females
  • The infant mortality rate is five times the United States national average
  • Adolescent suicide rate is four times the United States national average

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Help feed the hungry children and elderly on Pine Ridge.

Scare away hunger this Halloween

Participate in ONE Spirit’s Scare Away Hunger Halloween Drive, and help feed needy families.

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