Time with Grandma

I love one on one time with my grandchildren. Usually my granddaughters choose to spend a one on one time day with me for their birthday. (I give them the choice of a gift or the day with me.) They’re pretty smart. They know that one on one time usually includes shopping and food, so they know a bargain when they see one!

I hope you’ll enjoy this video of my time with Maggie Moo a few weeks ago!

What are your favorite memories of time with your grandma? Let me know in the comments below!

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Making memories with grandma! What are some of yours?

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  1. love this video. Maggie is growing up tooo fast. Love you..I do this with my granddaughters every chance I get. Now that I live in a retirement community we have a gift shop that has lots of jewelry to choose from and of course we always have our noon meal…Abbey and Lauren and Melissa loved the gift shop the last time they were here. Love all my grandchildren.

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