Why I love my Kindle Paperwhite


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I jumped onto the digital reading bandwagon pretty early. I had the second kindle when it came out but drooled over the first one. I have the kindle app on my computer, iPad and phone and three other people in this house own kindle fires, I still have my original kindle and I just bought the kindle paperwhite.


Paperwhite, left, is touch screen controlled. My old kindle model (right) was not.

Let’s see, that make a total of eight kindles — and all the same books are accessible on them because they are all from my own Amazon account.

I love that.


Ready to go out of the box.

So why did I buy the paperwhite when I could read on my iPad?

  • The size. It’s a small little thing and fits almost weightlessly in my purse. My iPad is, frankly, heavy.
  • Because it’s small in my hand, it’s easier to read lying down in bed at night. Win! My hand doesn’t get tired at all. Even a print book is more awkward and heavier than this little device.
  • Even though it’s small, the font is still adjustable and easy to see.
  • The high resolution screen is excellent for reading and there’s no eye strain.
  • The battery life lasts a whole lot longer than the iPad. Depending on the light settings, it can last eight weeks! My iPad has to be charged twice daily even if I’m only using it to read. (I doubt it will last eight weeks when I’m using it as I read a lot more than the average person but we’ll see.)
  • It’s touch controlled. My old kindle wasn’t.
  • I’ll be able to read it in the sun. Can’t do that with an iPad. (This will make reading in the car so much better!)
  • Books download in a flash. I mean, it amazes me every time it happens!
  • The pages turn super fast. Much faster than on my iPad.
  • It’s nice having a device for the sole purpose of reading.

Kindle cover, Amazon.com

I bought a purple cover for my Kindle and I love that when I shut the cover it shuts down the kindle. But when I open the cover it lights right back up right where I left off in a book.

I can’t stress enough that the size of this little beauty is what drew me the most. I have very small hands, and being able to hold it without any strain has been a lovely bonus.


Source: Amazon.com

What’s your favorite reading device? Old school paper, or new school digital?


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