U is for Ubiquitarianism

Hello, my name is Karla Akins and I am a proponent of Ubiquitarianism. No, I didn’t just sneeze. But thanks for the “bless you.” Generally, those who are Ubiquitarianists (or Ubiquitists) believe that Christ is present everywhere. But throughout history there are some pretty confusing doctrinal off-shoots dealing with whether or not He is with us everywhere in human flesh …

T is for Truce in the Trenches

Imagine being in a war zone trench, just feet away from the enemy’s on Christmas Eve. Such a thing occurred on December 24, 1914 when carols were sung between the British and German soldiers. Perhaps it sounded something like this: O Tannenbaum, o Tannenbaum, Wie treu[N 1] sind deine Blätter! Du grünst nicht nur zur Sommerzeit, Nein, auch im Winter, …

S is for Steamboats

In the 1800s only the high-paying customers got a nice room on the upper decks of the steamboat on major United States rivers. Regular folks had to board with the animals and cargo. And from the diaries and letters I’ve read from the era, the aromas that emanated from these quarters made for a miserable trip.

Marco! (Polo!)

But even as I write it, I’ll be researching as I go. Learning interesting little details. It’s the details that fascinate me. Such as the food, the customs, the attire.