U is for Ubiquitarianism

Hello, my name is Karla Akins and I am a proponent of Ubiquitarianism.


No, I didn’t just sneeze. But thanks for the “bless you.”

Generally, those who are Ubiquitarianists (or Ubiquitists) believe that Christ is present everywhere. But throughout history there are some pretty confusing doctrinal off-shoots dealing with whether or not He is with us everywhere in human flesh form or spiritual form.

I’m of the spiritual persuasion. And I do believe Christ is with us everywhere.

“…lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world…” Matthew 28:20.


The term “Ubiquitarianism”  started with Martin Luther who challenged the Catholic Church’s Eucharist beliefs in transubstantiation. (No, that wasn’t a sneeze, but thanks again. I’m feeling quite blessed.) Actually, what Ubiquitists believe is a lot more complicated than the simple explanation I’m giving here but I’m just not into splitting hairs.

Today we protestants refer to Christ being everywhere as “Omnipresence.” But that starts with an “O” not a “U” and I couldn’t use it this week.

I’m thankful to truly believe that God’s Presence is with us everywhere. I can’t imagine trying to navigate this world without that Constant, Ubiquitous Presence. (Tweet this.)

What say you?

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