Erica’s Edition: Hello to Karla’s Readers!

Today’s Post is the first in what I’m calling “Erica’s Edition.” Erica is my college intern this semester. Take it away, Erica!


How scary do you find it writing to someone you’ve never met? It’s a pretty daunting task for me, so I figured–why not start by telling you a little about myself?  That seems like a pretty easy way to break the ice.

I grew up in Pittsboro, IN (it’s pretty small) and went to a great school (it has actually been in the news lately)!

Students Make Touching Choice at Homecoming

I played soccer from the age of 6 up until 19 and my best friends were my teammates. I have a little brother who’s turning 14 next Monday. I never really got along with him until this past year. Luckily we’re starting to have things in common (like playing Minecraft) that we can talk about.


I’m in my junior year at Manchester University studying English. There is so much I love about Manchester. The small class size is excellent—I mean right now I have one class, Lit Theory, that only has 3 people in it and my Expository Writing class only has 5 people. When people say small class sizes I always pictured between 10-20 people, but this extreme is nice because it allows the professor to understand each one of us and awards us the opportunity to get off topic in class while still remaining relevant to our subject and our lives. Today in Expository Writing we had a 10 minute discussion about one of the girls starting an Engagement Planning business, a la The Wedding Planner (2001).


I also really love the chances that I have to be involved. Right now, I’m co-editing our literary arts magazine, Spectrum, and although it’s keeping me super busy because I’m trying to find new ways to promote it on campus, it’s really rewarding. I get to look at great art and read amazing stories and poems. I even had the privilege of speaking with MU’s president, Jo Young Switzer, about submitting a story to us, which she very graciously did.


Part of what is going to make me busier this semester is my wonderful opportunity to work with Karla. I’m lucky enough to have a professor who recognizes my desire to work as an editor and brought the idea up to me (another great thing about MU).  I’m glad for this opportunity because of the exposure to online promotion Karla is giving me. Under her guidance, I’ve started my own blog, The Slanted Shelf.


I’m proud of my blog title and I’ve had a couple comments on it so far. I named it “The Slanted Shelf” because I have a wall of bookshelves in my room at home and we live in a fairly old house, so the floors are a little uneven, giving my bookshelves the appearance of being slanted. (Unfortunately those are not my books, but I hope to have a collection like that some day!)

Although I’m going to be busy this semester and sometimes have difficulty coming up with topics to write about, I know that I’m going to have an amazing time and a lot of fun working with Karla. I’m going to be looking forward to writing for Karla’s blog weekly and look forward to hearing back from you all!


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