Introducing Writing Intern, Erica Graphman!

I’m thrilled to introduce my new college intern, Erica Graphman, to my readers!


You can read Erica’s blog here: The Slanted Shelf. 

She will be helping me with my online presence via social media and blogging.

Erica grew up in Pittsboro, Indiana, population 3000. (North Manchester’s population is 6000.) Here’s what she had to say about moving to North Manchester to attend Manchester University.

Why did you decide to become an editor after you graduate?

My senior year of high school one of my English teachers was trying to help me find a career path for me and he suggested looking into majoring in English since I love reading so much. After some research, I set my mind on editing.

Why did you decide to attend Manchester University?

Manchester has a great community. It’s very similar to my hometown, but a little bigger. There was still some change in size, which I wanted, and it was away from home but not too far that I couldn’t go back whenever I wanted.



Reading, running (when it’s warm enough), watching movies

Okay, I’m with you on the reading and movies, but I’ll leave the running to you. What’s your favorite color?


Favorite food?

Strawberries! My grandma has a patch and grows them every year. They’re best when you pick them and eat them while they’re still warm from the sun! 🙂


I agree with you there, Erica! That’s my absolute favorite, too! And my grandma raised them as well. So I know exactly how sun-kissed strawberries taste. Nom!

Erica will be interning with me until the end of spring semester. I’m excited that we’ll be working together as she has a keen interest in editing and building a career doing so. She’ll also be posting on my blog once a week or so. Please join me in welcoming her to the team!


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  1. Thank you for the welcome, Karla! I’m glad I finally know someone else who understands how delicious homegrown strawberries are!

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