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This is our first Christmas with kittens.


Spook imitating a lounge lizard. His twin sister looks exactly like him — only she’s smaller and naughtier.


Hogging my lap so I won’t waste time writing on my laptop.

kittensmaggie (2)

Making themselves at home on my granddaughter, Maggie’s, sleeping bag.

Mr. Himself is not very happy about it. He’s worried about broken Christmas ornaments and decorations.

We’ve not put our tree up yet and I keep assuring my neurotic husband it will be fine. Don’t worry. Be happy! And then I sent him this video to cheer him up.

What do you think his reaction was?


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      I have three dogs, J’nell! The pug likes to pee on the gifts. Grrrrr. And I can’t put a skirt down or he’ll pee on that. He’s old and has dementia. I’m not sure why old dogs insist on peeing everywhere but it’s rather annoying! I think I’d rather have climbing cats! 🙂

  1. Dear Mrs. Karla, I’m thinking that the cats in the video aren’t only exceptionally naughty, they are not very smart getting caught on video like this causing this much damage. Smart cats are sneaky. If Spook and Janelle are the smart kittens I suspect they are, they won’t do anything this bad to a Christmas tree. They may climb it and bat at ornaments, but only to get extra attention. 😉

    Purrs and paw waves to Spook and Janelle. Love, Lilybits

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  2. tank, and crawl along the floor to try to reach her gentleman frenid. They had to put mesh over practically the entire thing. But True Love conquered all! Gentleman Octopus figured out how to take all the bolts out of the screen separating the two and kaboom eggs! They had to let them go much earlier then they planned so the babies could hatch in Puget Sound.

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