Today is my birthday!

fun_53rd_birthday_gift_idea_pinback_button-r7f5d86e72c194c42b3269a25a2b23070_x7j3i_8byvr_324Today is my 53rd birthday!

In some ways it freaks me out that I’m heading toward old lady status, but in some ways I’m happy because I know a lot of people don’t get to live this long on earth! I’m thankful today that I’m still alive and healthy.


In honor of my birthday I’m giving away a free copy of my book, The Pastor’s Wife Wears Biker Boots. I know some of my readers already have a copy, so maybe you’d like to win a copy to give to someone else? I am giving away the format of your choice — autographed print or digital.

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Here’s how you can win. You get an entry for each item you complete:

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Please allow three to four weeks for delivery of your prize as I will be out of town until mid-June.

Have fun! And thanks for helping me celebrate my 53rd birthday!



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  1. I feel so special! I knew The Rev.Dr. Akins BEFORE she was famous, and now has a pack of Attack Dogs to guard her every move! Just think, I can proudly say “…this insignificant Chaplain knew Dr. Akins in high school, and was friends with this lovely lady (in every sense of the word) long before she was a world famous Pastor, PhD and Author! I honestly feel…no, wrong word…I AM blessed beyond measure to include Mrs. Akins in the short list of TRUE and faithful friends in my circle of life for well over 30 years now! Thank YOU, Karla, for deciding to include me…and to call me, your Friend! May God grant you many more joyous days of the yearly anniversery of God’s wonderful decision to allow your soul terporary occupancy on Planet Earth. I am proud, happy and honoured to call The Rev. Dr. Karla Reisch-Akins my friend…quite literally for all of eternity! Happy Birthday, kid! Your friend, Rev, David Carter, DD.

  2. H*a*P*p*Y. B*i*R*t*H*d*A*Y-
    To YOUU Karla !!

    I’ve been doing my life’s regrets since I was 50. Boy!, I’ve been totally Blind it is hitting me hard. And…TODAY IS MY 53rd! At present I’m going through rough time in every area of my life…I can’t get past any of it…usually if we can’t fix something time has a WaY of working it out. I have my faith in God that is all that is sustaining me. Seeing Your website is a gift to me today, my birthday!
    I am grateful today for another day, another year, for my creator who loves me, and will always be with me, for the gift of HIS SON who has made it possible to have a relationship while here on earth through eternity. I’m grateful for my family today, and for the assurance that God has a plan to bless me. And last I’m grateful for my best friend, hero, & knights Donny Carrera who has both blessed my life and turned it upside down; who sang Happy Birthday to me this morning. He can’t carry a tune in a bucket, only a few special prople close to him get his personal h.b day song. It’s hilliularious, almost hurts your ears, but to see his face and feel the sincerity in his heart is so heart touching to me words can explain.
    So Yes, Thank You Father for creating me, loving me, For My 53rd birthday, & for all your Dear Children who turn 53, & for Karl ????

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