I just want to talk about stuff

Hello, Dear Reader. It’s been a long pandemic. So much has happened that I need to mentally process. I’ve tried to type to you so many times in these past two years but my brain just would not engage. I’ve been through a LOT. Many things I am not free to share because they involve others and I do not …

Homeschool Minute

A new feature on my radio station now is what I call a “Homeschool Minute.” I hope to share some encouraging tips for homeschooling families here. Do you have a helpful tip to share? Let me know in the comments below. Maybe I’ll use them in a future video! Tweet this, please! Homeschool minute–a quick tip for busy moms.  

Meet me in Iowa!

Hi, Friends! Just a wee update to let you know that I’ll be speaking at the Homeschool Iowa Conference next week! Here are the topics I’ll be covering: Technology and Your Homeschool Is technology really all that important? How should you use it in your homeschool? When should you not use it? Learn some creative ways to integrate technology in …

Time to write!

I’m blogging over at Hoosier Ink today! Please check out my words of encouragement there!  Stay tuned for an announcement this week. If you’re a blogger, you’ll definitely want to check back! Happy New Year, friends!  

Public Shaming

Everyone’s talking about it. The recent scandal of a popular homeschooling family has tongues wagging all over the world. And even if I don’t mention their names here on this blog, chances are, you know exactly who I’m talking about. And it’s not all our fault. The family put themselves out there for public consumption. Except that, I like to …